Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended


Adobe Photoshop CS6 ME 13.0 Final Extended is the most powerful and professional image editing software in the world. This program is a very powerful and accurate tool for graphic artists and professional photographers, and a graphic designer will never feel a lack of tools in its environment because it has access to all the tools it needs to edit a photo.

Photoshop software is used to work with the color of scanned images, retouching, color correction, image reshaping, color decomposition, and many other graphic works. Photoshop CS6 has all the methods of working with Bitmap images, including layering capabilities and alignment lines. Among graphic software, Photoshop has most of the editing features for correcting and preparing high quality photos for printing.

Some features and capabilities of Adobe Photoshop CS6 software:

  • Adding tools for drawing professional paintings
  • Upgrading the working part with mobile applications
  • Improve drawing tools
  • New possibility to automatically change the camera lens, which can be used to increase the quality of photos taken with ordinary cameras
  • Improve HDR image making tools
  • More complete tools for photo design
  • Improve filters
  • Adding tools for photographers such as professional conversion of color photos to black and white and vice versa
  • Smart patch based on image content
  • Mercury graphics engine
  • New and reconstructed design tools
  • New Blur effect gallery
  • New Crop tool
  • Modern interface
  • Create creative videos
  • Transfer and share presets
  • Open and adaptable angle
  • Backup
  • Automatic recovery
  • Developed automatic correction
  • Smart skin selection based on colors and Masking



Adobe Photoshop CS6 ME 13.0 Final Extended