I sat by the calm shores and the shore seemed to be a fine company
And I suddenly desired to be like the boat
Oh how it has made its permanent residence with the waters

In tranquil unison, pledging its loyalty and allegiance to the waters
Moving in gentle obedience to the rudder, ever obedient to his owner’s wishes
Despising all that the earth promises
Moving in gentle shuttle with the calm oceans

And the Spirit of God reminded me
Have not the sons of the kingdom become amphibians?
Have we not opted for dual citizenship?
Plying the highways of both light and darkness

Shuttling between the land and the waters
As we shout our hallelujahs in tired convenience?

When the storms are high
And the Sun is gone and His promises look pale
Then we switch to convenience

Has the valley suddenly altered your theology?

Has the darkness now convinced you that what he told you in the light is not true?

Have we not shared our hearts with God and the world?
Has not our cherished sins been comfortably accommodated with His Holiness?

Amphibians, we’ve become the 21st century King Saul’s selecting the choicest raids of the world in convenient unity with God’s righteousness
Has not our flesh and His Spirit reconciled?
Amphibians, must light and darkness dwell together?
Have we not chosen to be grey in a black and white spectrum?

But I am scared too, as we have become comfortable with sin
Doesn’t the good book say He is coming for a church without blemish?
Has the dictionary suddenly reasoned with our ignorance to change the meaning of spots and wrinkle?

Who are we? Are we both black and white simultaneously?

Someone please answer me

Has the day and night become allies?

Convenient Christianity is delightful but deceptive

Have we not chosen both Barnabas and Jesus Christ?

Even though the world chose it own

Amphibians or Christians
Has our flesh connived to live peacefully with His Spirit?
Has not darkness become our secret mistress?

My prayer
I want to be like the boat
Surrendering my days to the calm and gentle waters of the Spirit at the harbour of God

Until my days are finally exhausted
As I make my final residence in the tomb.
I want to be like the boat.

Original Author: Michael Koomson
Tutor at Eguafo Abirem SNR High school


In fact, @Krakye1 I think we need to create a virtual account for Michael Koomson His contributions are enormous :+1:

Dont you worry bro… more to follow…

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The writer was emphatically talking about people who do not really know who they are. Just like a Christian who gives homoge to numerous deities and at the same pray to God on Sundays.

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Those are hypocritical Christians…

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