AnyDesk PC Remote

AnyDesk PC Remote


AnyDesk is an application very handy for communicating with computer systems. By using the AnyDesk software, users can simply connect to a remote computer system and control the mouse and keyboard controls. The main purpose of this software is when you want to help friends or customers with a particular service remotely. In such cases, it is only enough that the source and destination system has installed the AnyDesk software; then, it’s easy to connect to the computer and take control of it.

With the program, you can control your system from anywhere, as well as transfer files. The ability to transfer documents and multimedia files is another feature of this program. Easy file sharing, realistic simulation of mouse and keyboard operation, and extensive application for remote computer technical support are among the most important features of this software.


Key Features of AnyDesk Software:

  • Totally free and without limit

  • Ability to communicate with remote computers

  • Ability to take control of the mouse and keyboard in the destination system

  • Easy file transfer capabilities.


AnyDesk.5.2.1. WINDOWS .rar

AnyDesk. WINDOWS .rar

AnyDesk.5.1.0. ANDROID .apk

AnyDesk.5.0.0. Mac .dmg

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