Beginners Guide To Creating A Skrill Account In Ghana

What Is Skrill And Why Every Ghanaian Must Have One?


Skrill is an online or internet payment gateway just like Paypal, that enable individuals to send fund or money to one another with just an email address. For instance, let’s say my brother is in the US and he wants to send me money through Skrill, all the details my brother needs in order to send me the money is my Skrill email address and Skrill account number. After receiving the fund, all you need to do is log in to your Skrill account and then, withdraw it into your MTN mobile money.

Apart from receiving remittance with your Skrill account, you can also use it to make payments for goods and services online and also send money to anybody who has a Skrill account.

Steps Involve In Creating A Skrill Account:

First of all, in order to open a free account with Skrill, you have to go to their website and then follow the following steps:

  1. Enter your email address and create a new password .
  2. Select Next .
  3. Fill out your personal details and go to Next .
  4. Choose your country and the currency for your new Skrill account.
  5. Fill out your address details.
  6. Enter your telephone number and complete the captcha challenge question.
  7. Read the Skrill Terms and Conditions and tick the box if you agree.
  8. Select Open Account .

After you are done with the above steps, check your email inbox and verify your email. After you have verified your email, you can then login to your Skrill and set your preferred payment method.


I have read the post but I want to know apart from MTN MOBILE MONEY, do they support tigo cash or Vodaphone cash?


I want to know apart from credit or debit card funding, what other funding methods are available for :ghana: Ghanaians?


@Asaneyayah apart from debit and credit card funding, you upload funds to your skrill wallet through bank wire or bitcoins.


@Nyaako for the time being, the only mobile mobile wallet skrill supports is MTN MOMO.