Can this NDC/ NPP Politics Lead Us to Our Destination?

Since you belong to Political party A, you always defend whatever the party does (being right or wrong) with all your strength but never see anything good about what party B
does simply because you don’t belong to that party.

At times, you even go to the extent of describing the party that you don’t belong to as incompetent, but let’s face the fact, what has the so-called competent political party you belong to done to improve your life?

Apart from the GH₵5 given to you during the election campaign, can you mention any meaningful thing your party has done for you to improve your standard of living?


Duncan is right, it is very dangerous to fight someone who has nothing to loose.


These two political parties are the cause of our woes


This is the time for us to forget NDC and NPP and all our support to GUM (Ghana Union Movement)