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Durdhara talking to her baby while walking in corridor says whole family is awaiting your arrival and are so happy and sees helinas room and says I should see if she has eaten some one today as well and walks in her room and looks around,helina comes from behind and says durdhara what are you doing here, durdhara panics and says actually I’m not doing well and so walking here mistakenly,helina says stop I heard you are soon gonna be a mother and it’s a good news and so you will give Chandra his first baby good,and the whole kingdom will be in your feet,durdhara thinks what nonsense is she speaking I’m getting nothing,durdhara says ma is calling me I should leave and gies.

Durdhara says I should never enter this evil room or else one day she will eat me. Nandini in her room thinking about maliketus words about killing Chandra and his child,Nandini says this maliketu is a cheat I have to inform about this to Chandra but he is my enemy its good he will be killed and Chaya she is innocent now maliketu will ruin her life too but Chandra is behind that too but I have to tell Chandra I can’t help maliketu as he is against pitahmaharaj,I have to tell Chandra and walks to his room.

Nandini about to walk away,Chandra says why are you here,Nandini says I have an important information,last night maliketu came to my room and tells Chandra the whole episode,Chandra says I’m your enemy too why help me,Nandini says yes you are but I can’t help maliketu and Chaya she is innocent, Chandra says few hours before maliketu was here but that’s important I’m tired give me a massage,and hands oil to Nandini,Nandini thinks I’m giving such important message what’s going in his mind,Chandra walks close to Nandini and says Nandini you are my wife and the way you told me about maliketu, signs you have fallen for me, and so you caring for me,Nandini says I don’t love you and are my enemy who destroyed my family,Chandra says then how did you think that I will believe you,maliketu told me what you did to him come maliketu tell her.

Maliketu walks in,Nandini is surprised too see him,maliketus ays she wants to marry me but Nandini I’m in maharaj favour and I’m married to Chaya and you are bhabhi to me,Nandini says this is false,Chandra says Nandini enough you don’t want to see my family and sister happy and now I don’t wish to see or hear anything from you. Maliketu gives Nandini cold look and Nandini walks away,maliketu leaves too.

Maliketu stops Nandini and says what you think over smart women, it’s not so easy, he will never trust you so never mess with me, for Chandra you are his enemy and you can never win his trust and so you no option then help me kill him,and I promise I will marry and you will be my ruling queen.

Chandra takes Chanakyas blessings, he says I’m happy to hear the news so what you wish to have,Chandra says a daughter and wish she gains education from you,Chanakya says takshila doesn’t educate women,Chandra says this is unfair for women,Chandra says I have an request,Chanakya says tell me,Chandra says can some one give examination from here for takshila,Chanakya says if he is under age.

Chandra goes to see durdhara. Sunanda praying to surya,durdhara sees her and says you do this everyday can you help me,Sunanda says yes ask me,durdhara says do Greeks eat women heart,durdhara says when I see helina I feel that,Sunanda says possible I have also heard these are Devils,and listen stay away from that helina if it’s truth then it’s dangerous,these are very cruel people,durdhara says I have felt this,Sunanda says durdhara go pray to lord and be careful because these Greeks get strength by killing people,even convert them to animals so better go pray,durdhara says oh no lord save me and leaves,Sunanda starts laughing.

Durdhara goes to helina and says I want you to be my child’s dharam mata, and his guardian,and I request you,helina says what,durdhara says don’t eat my heart too I’m so thin too,durdhara slips of the stairs,all gather, helina says she was talking to me and she slipped look there’s oil here,Chanakya says Chandra take her to room I will send Vaidya,dadi says how is this possible,mora says ma all will be fine,Chandra says oil in stairs how,helina says it’s done by someone who knew durdhara was gonna pass by there, Chanakya says someone is behind Chandras child.

Mora says to dadi to please go rest,dadi says no not until I get news about durdhara,Chandra says dadi I will I from you go rest,dadi leaves. Vaidya calls Chandra in, Vaidya tells Chandra about durdharas condition,durdhara is still unconscious. Mora asks Chandra how is durdhara,why aren’t you speaking, Chandra says acharya you were right durdharas accident was a planned one, and she has faced miscarriage, mora says a mother and a baby are one how will my poor durdhara face this pain,Nandini thinks please give her strength to go through this pain,Nandini about to see durdhara, Chandra says she is resting but I won’t rest until I find who us behind this plot.

Chandra says acharya who could be behind it,Chanakya says your child’s enemy your enemy and its someone from within us you have to find the person. Chandra sees dadi about to climb stairs and says dadi wait don’t climb tell me what you need, dadi says I want to give durdhara some medicines which will help her and her baby,Chandra thinks I shouldn’t tell dadi about durdharas miscarriage and says but your knee ace,dadi says Nandini gives me a massage every night so no pain now,Chandra thinks so it’s Nandini behind it.

Chandra walks to Nandini in anger and says you are behind durdhara how can you do this, kindles women all this for revenge,Nandini says yes I killed durdharas child as revenge anything else and yes you know this for maliketus love right anything else you want to hear now kill me give me death sentence tell me maharaj,Chandra says once I have proofs I will give you punishment and leaves,Nandini says I am your enemies daughter but durdhara never.

Chanakya says Chandra Nandini can never do it and we have no proofs too,Chandra says no but I will gather proofs too,Chanakya says continue your search this is not the right way you approach to this and my student isn’t so weak keep going Chandra.

In Sabha everyone is asked to give away their gold jewellery for new gold coins,helinas dasi says maharani why you but you are the ruling queen here,helina says this is to change silver coins to gold now be quite.
Everyone deposit their gold jewellery.

Chandra is given a note which he discusses with Chanakya,Chanakya says you are right it worked everyone deposited except One,Chandra says we have our culprit. Chandra follows a lady in disguise,it’s a dasi with her gold and visits a jeweller and says I want to sell them,jeweller says these a royal jewellery,Chandra walks in and says freeze and dasi reveal your truth or else you know what I can do.dasi tells Chandra who asked her to sell the jewellery.

In Sabha Chandra says so I have found the culprit,All ladies are in Sabha without their jewelleries,Chandra says its Nandini I have proofs against you and so get out of this kingdom,Nandini says I accept my mistake and my punishment and about to leave,Chandra says stop I know it’s not you Nandini, you a re innocent Nandini my acharya showed me correct path and that proved you could never hurt durdhara and haven’t and the culprit is Gautami.

Gautami says I haven’t,dasi walks In and narrates the episode.(hearing durdhara come to helina,Gautami asks dasi to get oil she was carrying to nandinis room and throws it on stairs and rewards dasi with jewellery and ask her to keep mum).chandra says this is why I asked for everyone’s jewellery because here we have everyone’s jewellery record, and we found out that Gautami was short of her jewellery and then I caught this dasi red handed.

Gautami says yes yes I did this you killed my husband and so I killed your child,it’s a revenge Chandra,Chandra says it’s an incomplete revenge Gautami because durdhara hasn’t faced a miscarriage she is fine I lied to find the culprit,Nandini says Bhabhi why have you did this,Chandra says Nandini don’t you know you are not allowed to talk to a culprit,and Gautami now you will be thrown out if this castle take her away,Gautami says I will come back for revenge Chandra, Chandra says I feel disgusting about you, you tried killing a baby in womb for revenge.

Pre cap : Chandra says to Nandini if I wasn’t a Chandragupta mourya the King whose aim is revenge against your father and you weren’t his daughter Nandini then our story would be a different one,don’t you think so.

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