Do you believe this statement made by Osagyfo Dr Kwame Nkrumah" Black man is capable of managing his own affairs


Owing to the fact that, Africans especially Ghanaians can’t print their own currency to enable them to buy enough goods and services. It’s done by the whites. (2) Developing countries depend solely on foreign aid to boost their economy. (3) We have a lot of raw materials but we can’t turn them to finish-semi finish product to feed our country. But we export them at the raw state and even import more goods. (4) We also do much borrowing. (5) IMF dictates almost every Economy in Africa with so many directives and conditionalities. (6) The whites have created some impression that anything “BLACK” is evil. By helping we the Africans to bleach our collar, spoiling our crops through chemicals, scientifically, using us for experimental purposes whenever they want to test any drugs and as well as racism. Beloved, share your thoughts on this noble platform; if you agree to that.


Paul, I perfectly believe in the statement; the Blackman is a human being just like any other person. Osagyfo even showed us the right path just that our selfish leaders have decided to be sellouts.

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Five collapsed factories established by Dr. Nkrumah that can revive Ghana’s Crawling economy

1. Zuarungu meat factory

2. Pwalugu tomato factory

3.Bolgatanga Rice Mills

4. Kumasi shoe factory

5. Tarkwa Bonsa factory

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If a black man (Nkrumah) is able to set up all these including several others I did not mention, then what is the doubt about the statement Nkrumah made… ??

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Bro you’ve done a very good job by sharing these abandoned factories with us. I think we even have to create a separate category dedicated to discussing all the projects Nkrumah started that have been abandoned.

He preaches about reviving Nkrumah’s abandoned factories and am happy he is doing that but am not liking the fact that he is beginning to forge some of the factories… there is a private palm processing factory that was established about 5yrs a go but because of certain factors, the factory has been closed down for some time now. Kyiriabosom went to record at the factory and showed it on TV as one of kwame Nkrumah’s abandoned factories. What’s your take on this…

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