Does the U.S. Use 'Globalization' to Cheat Poor Countries Like Ghana?

Interview Transcript

In the interview, a man named John Perkins confesses that as an “Economic Hitman”, he used to go around convincing poor countries (like Ghana) to accept large development loans which they’ll never be able to repay and make sure that the development projects were contracted to US companies. And once the debts mounted to a level where they could no longer be repaid the US would then use their influence as creditors to influence the policies of those countries to favor the US, such that the US would indirectly control their natural resources.

He says he would never have confessed but for the events of September 11, which he indirectly attributed to the frustration of the masses in developing nations in the middle east who are angry about how they have become so dependent on the West.

What’s your take on this issue? Why do our leaders keep falling over themselves to accept loans from organizations such as the IMF? Are the development plans proposed by organizations such as the World Bank meant to help us or to enslave us to the developed nations or the US in particular?