From ‘Strong Room’ to studio: Former EC boss Charlotte Osei turns TV host (Photo)

Charlotte Osei

Mrs Charlotte Osei

A former chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, has taken up a new challenge as a business TV host on Accra-based GHOne TV.

Addressing her audience immediately after the launch of the programme dubbed ‘Business Compass’, Mrs Osei said the programme seeks to create a platform to groom budding entrepreneurs into growing their business.

“We have been engaging a lot of young entrepreneurs on their career and business issues and as we engaged them we realised more and more young entrepreneurs were passionate about their business and were very ambitious, but there was a knowledge gap,” she said.

According to her, a lot of the entrepreneurs think the problem was capital, but that isn’t the case. Most of them, she noted, just lack confidence and sometimes strategy to do things differently.

“So I have been engaging with them on one on one quietly but eventually somebody at GHOne TV has bullied me into bringing this on TV so I am here [under] duress but it is for a good purpose,“ she jokingly added.

“If you have a passion and wants to turn into a profit, you have a side hussle, you want to improve your business this is where you come to and like a GPS we will guide you,” she stated.

The former EC boss, who has a background as a corporate lawyer, will be joined by a group of friends with various expertise as well as a business coach to help young entrepreneurs on the programme which will be aired every week on GHOne TV.

Madam Osei was in June 2018 sacked as EC Chairperson alongside two of her deputies following recommendations from the committee that investigated corruption and misconduct allegations against them after some workers of the EC petitioned the President and Chief Justice to impeach her.



That is life for you. Apart from our integrity, we have no control over any aspect of our life. But so far as we breathe, there is hope.

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As the great Ghanaian musician Ampofo Agyei said; time changes.

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Indeed, time changes

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And it waits for no man too…