Girl kills baby for making her miss university admission


A 22-year-old lady, Adisa Funmilola, has drowned her baby because she prevented her from going to the university to study law.

According to reports, she drowned the one-year and six-months-old baby inside a bucket of water in her apartment in Lagos, on Monday, after which she reported herself to the Police.

During interrogation, she blamed her action on frustration, saying her baby deprived her of actualizing her dream of becoming a lawyer.

She explained that she was impregnated by one Yusuf Folarin, while both were attending a JAMB class, but the latter denied paternity and suggested an abortion.

Along the line, she said she was offered admission into the Obafemi Awolowo University to study Law, but had to defer the admission because of the baby.

Surprisingly, Miss Folarin did not show remorse for her action. She said: “I killed my baby and reported myself to the police. I filled a bucket with water, dipped her inside, and held her head until she died.

“I did it for three reasons. First, I didn’t have the financial might to take care of her. Second, I was tired and frustrated. But the most painful reason is that she deprived me of actualizing my dream of becoming a lawyer.

“I would have aborted the pregnancy, but my father advised me against it. The person that is responsible for the pregnancy rejected me. I live with my sister, who has no job and I am also not working.”

Asked if she was aware of the magnitude of her offense, she gave a wry smile, and muttered: “The most important thing is that I have killed the baby.”

Her elder sister, who expressed shock at her sibling’s action, said she was at home on the day of the incident, but never knew what the latter was doing until policeman stormed their apartment.

She said: “I suspect she is mentally deranged because our mother had a similar mental issue before she died.”

The Police said the suspect will undergo the psychiatric test but that will not stop her from facing the consequence of her action.


This women is so heartless and wicked

She is simply a modern day devil :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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She has supersized me paa oo!

She must be punished severely…I suggest lethal injection…

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I can’t even think far

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Yh but I want her to be given a fair trial

@Vincentv2 that’s a very good idea

Yes it will help alot

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I feel sorry paaaaaaaaa. Supposing she was kill by her mother, would she’ve grown up to this level…

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@Paul I think it is share wickedness