Guide on How to Delete Bet9ja Account

Bet9ja has grown into a household name since it was introduced into Nigeria 7 seven years ago, Nigerians most especially, young adults have been making use of Bet9ja to make some decent income. The importance of Bet9ja on the Nigerian economy can never be downplayed.
According to Alexa, Bet9ja is the only local website in Nigeria to be ranked within the top 500 most visited websites in the entire globe making it the most visited Nigerian website and also the third most visited website in Nigeria after Google and YouTube.
If for one or two reasons, you want to delete your Bet9ja account to get over your gambling addiction or you just want to get rid of your old Bet9ja account to create a new one afresh then you are at the right forum at the right time because, in this write-up, I will be guiding you on how to delete your Bet9ja account, however, it is not an easy thing too because the option is not provided in your privacy or profile settings.
After deleting your Bet9ja account you cannot reverse it so make sure you are fully prepared before initiating the entire process. After you have deleted your account, you can no longer create another account with the same email address you used to create the old account so make you create another email account if you want to create another account shortly.

Procedures you need follow to delete your existing Bet9ja account

  1. With your desktop or mobile browser, go to for those of you with the Bet9ja mobile app, you can open it on the app.
  2. When the login option appears, click on it and fill in all your login credential to access your account.
  3. At this point, scroll to the right corner of the homepage and tap or click on the option “contact us”
  4. After that, click or tap on the option “send us a message”
  5. Now type your account info on the message box such as your physical address, email address, your full name (first and last name) also make sure you write the reason why you are sending the message in this instance, you can write “I want to delete my Bet9ja account”
  6. Select “send” after are done with the message

You will get an instant message notifying you that your message has been sent successfully. It will take a maximum of two workings days Bet9ja account to be deleted after you have sent the message successfully.
After you have deleted your Bet9ja account, you will no longer be able to place a bet on their website unless you create another account.