Help: How to Install Multi TV Ghana

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Yesterday my elder brother gave me a Multi TV decoder and satellite dish and I must say since then I decided research a little bit this digibox.

Through my research I find out that Multi TV has a lot of potentials in fact is a Ghanaian free to air satellite TV provider and actually, what fascinates me about Multi TV is that, a Satellite TV company that just started in 2009 is now covering not only Ghana but over 30 other African countries most of them being west African countries.

The bottom line is that, I have made up my mind to learn how to install the Multi TV by myself without the services of a professional installer and I will be very if anyone can give me DIY guide on how to install Multi TV.


The Multi TV satellite direction is positioned towards the east. Therefore, you must ensure your satellite dish is facing the east during Multi TV installation. This is because, the signal comes from that direction.

The following is a step-by-step guide for Multi TV installation

First, install the dish using the dish manual. The dish comes with a round plate, a dish cap, a stand, an LNB and an LNB holder, dish accessories.

Assemble the dish, then carefully fix the LNB in its holder at the last end of the angle bar. (You can get a dealer to help fix the dish for you then proceed with the installation).

Mount the stand with the four holes at the rear end on a wall where you deem fit. (The stand has eight holes all together. When fixing the stand, be careful not to bend or turn the stand at the wrong position. Hence, first hold the stand firmly with your hands as if mounting the dish, then see if the dish is well fixed in a way that it can track signal while facing the east direction. If everything is okay, mount the stand on the wall).

Use normal nails on a facial board and use concrete nails for a wall.

Mount the dish in a place where there are no objects blocking the signal (e.g. tall buildings, planted trees, human object, thick electric cables etc).

After mounting the dish, tighten it partially to allow for adjusting and turning. This is because you may have to turn the dish vertically and horizontally until the signal shoots or flashes.

Connect the coaxial cable from your dish to the receiver using the connecters.

Connect it into the receiver’s LNB input.

Power the receiver on.

After completing the above procedures, the next step is the digital box installation and I will be talking about how to install or scan for channels on various Multi TV decoders in upcoming post.


Can I get premium and high definition channels on Multi TV?


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