How much Is the price of Multi TV decoder In Ghana?

I have been living in Ghana for over a month now and currently I to watch most of my favorite television programs on the internet. IPTV is one of the best ways I normally to watch television however, due to the high cost of internet data I have have decided to buy free to air satellite TV decoder and for the being, I have made up my mind to go for a Multi TV decoder but I don’t know how much it will cost; I mean the decoder plus the dish and also the cost of the installation?

cost of multy tv decoder

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@Ofosuhene Your question is one particular topic that I have a very strong interest in. Actually, the prices of Multi TV decoders were reduced way back in the year 2015 by a clean 30 GHc due to the number of clients the satellite broadcasting company was registering. More so, the price slash is further owed to the introduction of the new Multi TV II that had special features. Such features of the new Multi TV included; the auto-scan and the 3G fast internet features. Then, it was around 240 GHc after the discount for the new digital box.

The prices of the decoder continually evolve going into the future as the number of customers grows and more and more features introduced. As of last year, the Multi TV decoder price in 2017 stood at around 135 GHc. Not only did that cost cover the Multi TV decoder, but also, it covered the cost of the Multi TV dish and the dish installation cost.
The new Multi TV decoder price in Ghana is dependent on the type of Multi TV decoder the user intends to buy. The digital Satellite Combo decoder goes for 160 GHc. The digital box is fully HD and has some other unique features as well. The Multi TV decoder price 2018 differs from one dealer to the other and that also makes the digital boxes differ. On tonaton, the decoder prices range from GHc 80 with the highest being at about GHc 250. All these decoders can be bought on the official tonaton website. Find one that suits you best then buy it. The Multi TV decoder price in Nigeria stands at around 10,000 Naira compared to the 250 Ghanaian cedis. Multi TV does so well in the country and that is why it attracts as many customers to its amazing services. Considering the reviews, one can easily say that the Multi TV decoder price in Nigeria is totally worth it. The price of the Multi TV in Nigeria however, does not necessarily vary with the vendors. Though, the price range starts from 10, 000 Naira to around 11, 500 Naira.
In Ghana, the digital box of Multi TV is not only found online but also through certified dealers in each region throughout the country. To access the names, locations, and contacts of some of the dealers in Multi TV decoders, visit the Multi TV website. The price of Multi TV decoder differs in the dealer stores but runs within the ranges earlier mentioned. In some cases, the price of the Multi TV decoder covers the installation cost and sometimes even the cost of the dish. The Multi TV decoder price in both countries is set to attract even more customers with the Multi TV decoder price in Ghana suitable for the loyal customers of Multi TV.

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@NiiAyiBontey Thank you very much for giving this helpful information in fact, you have made my day a happy one and one thing, do you know any local installer in Takoradi?

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You can contact ADFOCUS SUPPORT SYSTEMS in Takoradi for all your multi needs.