How to Create a ClickBank Account Successfully In Nigeria

Before we begin, let us try to answer one or two questions. What is ClickBank and what do they do? Well, ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace for all kind of products, to put it in its proper context, let us say ClickBank bring together all types mostly digital products which are then sold on different platforms by their affiliate marketers.

This is how the entire process works, sellers sign up to sell their products on ClickBank, the products are then sold by the affiliate marketers who earn a commission on the products sold.

If you are trying to open an account on ClickBank, you must have a payment gateway or bank account for the withdrawals of your earnings. So to cut a long story short, how exactly can you create this ClickBank account in Nigeria?

I have tried already tried so many procedures in respect of creating a ClickBank account in Nigeria which I am going to teach you in this post however, based on one or two reasons I will share two of the methods with you. These two methods were working one hundred percent as at the time I was putting together this post and they were all easy to follow.

What are the requirements to open a ClickBank account in Nigeria?

  1. In the first place, you need a very good internet connection to connect to the ClickBank servers.
  2. A decent desktop computer or a laptop that is in good working condition.
  3. You will also need an email. You create a free email account with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and a host of other free email providers.

Since you are done with all the requirements stated above, then you are good to continue to the next step of creating your ClickBank account in Nigeria.

All the procedures you need to follow to create a ClickBank account in Nigeria

  1. First of all, you have to visit ClickBank’s official website;
  2. Choose Nigeria as your country by clicking the country option.
  3. Now write your full name, your telephone or mobile phone number, and obviously, your email address.
  4. At this point, you need to use a very strong password in case you do not have one, follow the prompt on the screen to create a very strong password.

After you have carefully followed all the instructions provided above, it is most likely that you will get a message from ClickBank that your application was not successful or they couldn’t create your application. I don’t even know ClickBank will show me that particular screen as I can create a ClickBank account in Nigeria by using a VPN. But in fact, I can still create a ClickBank account in Nigeria without a VPN which I am going to show you in the next step below.

You can ask a relative or a friend residing in a non-blacklisted country to create an account for you

This method involves asking a very trusted relative or friend who resides in one of the countries that are not blacklisted by ClickBank however, there are some setbacks with this method since not everyone has a friend or relative residing in another country.

If you are of the lucky ones to have a relative living in a ClickBank friendly country, Just ask him to use your details to create the ClickBank account for you and then send you the login credentials and also explain to him or her how much of your earnings you are going to share with him or her.

Countries such as Canada, the US, the UK, Ghana are not blacklisted by ClickBank so if you have a friend or related in of these countries then creating a ClickBank account in Nigeria will be a problem.

ClickBank just any other online venture should be treated as a business. If you do not treat ClickBank as a legitimate business then, you can make any earnings there.