How to Download and Install TM1 Teachers Laptop Audio Drivers

How to fix no audio device installed - TM1 laptop


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Just recently, the government of Ghana in collaboration with the Ghana education service procured the TM1 laptops for teachers in our various public schools.

The TM1 teachers’ laptops are some of the best latest generation laptops on the market right now, however, a lot of teachers are complaining about having difficulties installing audio or sound drivers after reinstalling Microsoft windows.

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If your TM1 teachers’ laptop audio is not working or you are not able to get the right audio drivers for the laptop after installing a new operating system, relax and grab a cup of coffee as I teach you how to download and install TM1 teachers laptops, audio drivers.

Method 1: Downloading and Installing TM1 sound drivers

  1. Download the driver files by clicking on the links below :point_down:

  2. ES V2.3(1)

  3. 05122021,

  4. 2.Extract all the files with winrar( If you haven’t installed winrar, download and install by clicking here) and follow the steps in the next step :point_down:

  5. Open 05122021, and right-click on IntcAudioBus and click on install, right click IntcDMic and click on install, right IntcOED and install and right click IntcSST and install.

  6. Now open ES V2.3 and click on ES AU APO and install ESAudApoEffect after that install ISSTApoExt

  7. Finally ES Audio Driver and install ESAuDriver and Restart the laptop and you are good to go.

Watch the video on how to fix no audio device installed - TM1 laptop


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Method 2: Using Device Manager

  1. Right click on the start button and select Device Manager from the list of options that display. Alternatively, you can press Windows + X on your keyboard to display the same options.

  2. In Device Manager, expand Audio inputs and outputs. Right click the device and select update driver. Click search automatically for drivers on the next screen. Do this for all devices found under audio inputs and outputs.

If you do not find audio input and output in Device Manager, scroll down and expand Sound, video and game controllers and update the ESAuDriver device using procedure in step 2.

If the above method works for you, then you are good to go. If it doesn’t, move to the first method.


Wow…in-depth write-up

Thanks admin


you are welcome bro

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Oracle Admin,
You have really helped me solve my audio drivers problem on my laptop.
As soon as I downloaded the files you have provided on this page, the sound device was immediately restored. Until I found your site, I had spend all my time on google and youtube trying to find solution to this problem. I have spent over two days on the internet perusing so many website, downloading unknown sound drivers from other manufacturers like realtek sound drivers and others to help solve the issue but all those downloaded drivers were unable to solve the problem.
I am really grateful for the help I have received from you. I wish I knew your momo number so I could send you my token of appreciation.
You have no idea how delighted I am right now about the solution I have received from you.
I want to use this opportunity to encourage you to continue with the good work you are doing on this site and many blessings and rewards will come your way, both monetary and non-monetary.
Again, I’m really full of praises to you for the assistance you’ve provided to me.
I hope to hear from you. Thank you


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This drivers have solved my tm1 laptop driver problems.

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I will try this driver in my laptop

Great review @Gyamfi101

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Its not working for me or maybe i missed something. Please help me out

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Have you downloaded all the driver packages? Anyways sorry for replying late.

After downloading the file,I can’t extract it,it says it is corrupt. Can you please send it to my email

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Okay @Smoke I will send iy to your email right away. Please note that after downloading the files you need to extract it with winrar before installing them.

Please we will be very glad if you could tell us the specific part that is not working for you or possibly share us some screenshots.

Thanks boss. But will hlad if you could send me the ES V2.3.rar file,that’s the file which is corrupt after download from page please

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I have sent you a private message on 1plusall containing the file you’re looking for.