How To Download, Print, and Use Nigeria National Identity Card Online

Follow the steps below to download, print, and use your Nigeria national identity card if for one or two reasons you can not make it to their office in person:

  1. First of all, go to the android play store on your smartphone if you are using an android phone to download the app. iPhone users can download the app via the apple app store.

  2. After you are done installing the, open it by tapping the app icon.

  3. Click on the skip located at the bottom left of the screen.

  4. Now, enter your 11-digit NIN number into the field and tap continue.

  5. A new window will pop up displaying the cell phone number you used to create your NIN.

  6. If you still have access to that phone number, click on I am still using this mobile number and if you no longer have access to the number, click on I am no longer using this number.

  7. After you are done with step 6, click next.

  8. If you have in possession of the phone number you provided, kindly enter the OPT sent to you via SMS and press proceed.

In case you are no longer using the mobile you provided again, your best option is to proceed to the nearest NIMC office to update the information in order to continue the process.