How to Expose a Lottery Scam

Lottery scam is on the rise in recent times. A lot of innocent people have lost their hard-earned money to most of these lottery scammers parading themselves as legitimate lottery companies. Today, I am going to show some of the elements of a lottery scam in other words, How to identify a potential lottery scam?

The following are some of the hallmarks of a lottery scam:

Promise you huge money or a big win: When a lottery company is promising an unreasonable amount of money or any amount that is too good to be true, take a step back and do a background check on the said company before taking any step.

Use authentic logo and stamps: Make no mistake! most of these unscrupulous people are highly trained in what they do so do not be deceived by the fact that they use the real or authentic logo and stamps.

Time limit: Fraudsters do not have much time hence they would be given time limits to complete the required actions.

Ask about your bank account: When they start asking about your bank account, then you will have to tread cautiously because no legitimate lottery firm does that.

Ask you to send an amount that is too lower than what you have won: This is another sign of a red flag. At this point, if you should know that you are about to be scammed.