How To Jailbreak PS4 FW 6.72

How To Jailbreak PS4 FW 6.72

As you know, the PS4 console was completely hacked on firmware 6.72 on July 17, 2020. Many titles can be used according to this FW and it can be said that the importance of hacking it is very high. In this section, we are going to teach you how to jailbreak PS4 console to FW 6.72 using the relevant Exploit, along with all its tips.

Prerequisites for installing Exploit 6.72 for PS4:

  1. Having a lower frame or equal to FW 6.72: If you use higher firmwares in your device, it is not possible to downgrade at this time . You will have to wait for the new exploit to be released for higher firmwares. If you are using firmware lower than FW 6.72, good luck!

  2. Download and install FW 6.72, which is available in this complete article.

  3. Internet connection


Important warning !! Dear users, the current exploit is not stable enough and you should try more than ten times to run the exploit once. The recommended website for downloads in the current situation is not to use this exploit. A more stable exploit will be notified as soon as it is released.

It is worth mentioning that the game data is not a problem and you can safely download new or old games. The games are perfectly healthy. But to run them, it is recommended not to use the current jailbreak and wait for a more stable version.


The steps for installing and using FW6.72 jailbreak are as follows:

  1. First you need to update your console to FW 6.72. The complete installation tutorial for this firmware is provided at the end of this article. The download file FW 6.72 is also available at the end of the article in the download section.

  2. After installing and updating your console to FW 6.72, you must use the host for jailbreak. Two methods in front of you: use offline hosting, use online hosting.

Due to the difficulty of implementing offline hosting, the download website has uploaded the latest update of v6.72 jailbreak for you on your server so that you can use it easily. No data editing or even file design has been done and they are exactly the same as the original Github version. Thus, we introduce the hosts.

Online Hosting for Jailbreak FW 6.72 - Download Server (sleirsgoevy method)

Online Hosting for Jailbreak FW 6.72 - Download Server (DarkModderVC Method)

-External online hosting for Jailbreak FW 6.72 - Source number 1

- External online hosting for Jailbreak FW 6.72 - Source number 2

- External online hosting for Jailbreak FW 6.72 - Source number 3

-Developer GateHub reference page - sleirsgoevy

- GateHub Developer Reference page - DarkModderVC

  1. First, make sure your console is connected to the Internet. sure sure!! Disable the automatic update installation check box so that your console is not updated and does not go higher than FW 6.72!

  2. After connecting the console to the Internet, run your browser on PS4. The URL of the site you want to open is a dedicated download host or an external host. We will move forward in this tutorial by teaching you how to use dedicated download hosts.

  3. After entering the dedicated hosting pages of downloads, alerts will be displayed to you. We have explained these warnings to you. There is no need to re-read.

  4. You have to do the order correctly! Otherwise the console will not be jailbroken. First, click on " JB " at the end of the article. You should see the message “You’re all set!” After about 20 seconds. Then the message “There is not enough free system memory” will be displayed. This is a completely safe process and means you have successfully uploaded the Jailbreak to your console. Now it is time for the next step.

  5. After the success of the two messages of the sixth step, your browser page will be reloaded automatically. This time, click on " MIRA ". After clicking on this option, just like step six, you should get the message “You’re all set!” After about 20 seconds. Appears and then the message “There is not enough free system memory” is displayed. This means that you have done all the steps correctly.

  6. Debug Settings option is enabled for you! Exit the payload environment by pressing the PS Button. Now go to Settings => Debug Settings.

  7. Congratulations. Your console is fully jailbroken on FW 6.72!


A very important point about the console regiment:

If during the execution of each of the sixth and seventh steps, your console hangs, exits the browser, restarts automatically… no problem! This problem is due to the instability of the current jailbreak, which will definitely be solved with the release of new updates. Just turn off and on your console manually once you hang up your console or messages like “Jailbreak failed!” Avoid turning your PS4 environment on and off. Hold your hand on the power button for a few seconds to turn off the console after 2 beeps.


Learn how to update the console to FW6.72 step by step:

Please note that your current firmware must be lower than 6.72. If you are on a higher version (for example, 7.00 or 7.02) you can not download at all and it is not possible to install a lower firmware. Unfortunately you have to wait for the new exploit to be released for higher firmwares. If you are sure your firmware is lower than FW 6.72, do this:

  1. Download the update file from the download section and extract it by WinRar software.

  2. Prepare a flash in FAT32 format. In the flash, first create a folder called PS4, then inside it a folder called UPDATE (make sure all words are uppercase). Now put the update file called PS4UPDATE.PUP in this folder, ie PS4 / UPDATE address.

  3. Go to your console. Disconnect the internet connection completely on your console. Also, uncheck the options for automatically receiving updates so you don’t have to worry later. Of course, the Update Blocker feature is in the exploit, which will be explained below.

  4. Now connect the flash to your device. Go to Settins => System Software Update. The system automatically detects and installs the update file on the flash






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