How to scan Multi TV channels on Strong decoder

Most of my friends used to ask me to go to their house and help them scan more television channels on their Strong decoder so today, I have decided to write this post on how to How to scan Multi TV channels on Strong decoder.

multi tv

  1. Press MENU.

  2. Press on the RIGHT volume button.

  3. Input 0000 as password. Select MANUAL SCAN and press OK.

  4. Press the RED BUTTON on the remote to select transponder ASTRA 3A/3B.

  5. Press the GREEN BUTTON to add the TP list.

  6. Input frequency 12522 Go to symbol rate and input 30000 Change the polarization to either V or H to make the bars change to green color.

  7. Press OK to scan.

  8. Exit.


I am currently using the new Multi TV master decoder, please can you give me instructions on how to scan new channels with it.