How To Verify All Your BVN Details Using USSD And Online In Nigeria

Since the Bank Verification Number (BVN) was introduced into Nigeria in the year 2014, it has become an important security code for anyone who wants to create a bank account. The significance of the BVN became very clear in 2015 when the Central Bank of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (CBN) issued a directive to all banks in Nigeria to block any bank account without a BVN. The BVN is an 11 digit security code that is linked to all your Bank accounts and accepted by all banks in Nigeria.
The BVN was introduced to help speed up the bank to bank transactions and also to help fight banking-related crime such as stealing and hiding for that reason, you are always required to have the code handy. In case you have misplaced, forgotten, or cannot get access to your BVN, there are alternative ways to check it. Below are some ways to verify your BVN:

Online BVN Verification

  1. To verify your BVN online, go to BVN Validation Portal with your desktop or mobile browser
  2. Fill in your 11 digit BVN number and your date of birth
  3. Click on the search button
  4. Select how you want to make payment
  5. Pay the amount of money you are required to pay and continue
  6. All the information they need will be displayed on the screen
    When completing the steps above, you also need to make sure you have your ATM card with you to be able to pay for the 25 naira process fee. Once you have all the particulars with you then you can continue to verify your BVN.

How to verify your BVN details using USSD Code

Below are the procedures to verify your BVN using USSD Code and take note, this method works on all telecommunication networks in Nigeria and it doesn’t need any internet connection and you can also use this method to check your 11 digits BVN code if you forget it.

  1. To use this USSD Code, make sure you are using it on SIM Card you registered your BVN with
  2. Make sure you have at least, 20 naira on your SIM
  3. Dial the USSD Code 5650# on your mobile phone
  4. Regardless of the telecommunication network or bank you are using, dialing the USSD Code above will bring you BVN
    NOTE: Some special codes are also provided by some banks to their customers.
    GTB for instance gives the USSD Code 7371# to their customer. You should bear in mind that nobody can hack your bank account by having your BVN however, do not disclose it to anybody because it is your financial identity.