How to watch MTV Lebanon, MTV HD, One TV, LBC HD, OTV HD, NBN HD free on Multi TV

Ten free premium television channels are now free on Ghana-based Media7 satellite Badr 6 @ 26 degrees East Ku band. The channels are all located in the middle east with frequency 11977 V 27500.

The following are the list of all the channels:

  1. MTV Lebanon
  2. MTV Lebanon HD
  3. LBC International HD
  4. Aljadeed sat HD
  5. Hawacom HD
  6. OTV HD
  7. NBN HD
  8. Arabica HD
  9. Aghani HD
  10. Tele Libian HD

Lovely channels! I am glad they are now on multi TV. I used to watch those channels when I was in Oman.


Oh really, I am glad to know.

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