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The Episode starts with Falguni shouting I love you Suyash. He says I m here, why are you saying this to the waves. She says life has no guarantee, these waves will get my love back for you. He asks how do you talk so good, I wish to have coconut water. She asks what. He says wait here, I will have it and come. Uttara sees Jayant flirting with some girl. She sends the girl. She says I went for work, you started flirting with the foreigners. Jayant asks what shall I do, she was helpless and asking the route, I just helped. She says you were becoming guide for her, I won’t leave you alone now. He murmurs and says weather is good. She says don’t look good, see the sea. Suyash buys two coconuts. Dilip goes in the waters. Falguni plays on the shore. Dilip swims to her and pulls her leg. Suyash pays to the

man and asks him to keep the change. The man says you are first customer, I don’t take a tip. Suyash drinks coconut water and comes back. He looks for Falguni.
Falguni struggles. Dilip doesn’t leave her leg. Suyash sees Falguni’s hand and gets shocked. He throws the coconut and runs to the sea. He dives in and sees her. Dilip sees Suyash and swims back. He leaves Falguni. Suyash swims to Falguni and holds her. He swims to the shore. He lifts her and gets her out of the water. He pumps out water from her body. She gets conscious. He asks her to open eyes, are you fine. She nods and hugs him.

Uttara says thank God you are safe Falguni. Jayant asks how did you go under the water, did you slip. Falguni says no, I felt someone pulled me inside. Uttara asks how can this happen, did you see anyone. Vidhaan jokes about octopus’ ghost. Uttara says there was no one, did Jayant see anyone. Jayant says no, I think one who has fear of water, feels such thing. Falguni says maybe, I didn’t get time to think, its good Suyash was there. Suyash says don’t worry, I will be with you always, no danger can touch you. Niyati and Vidhaan smile and joke. Uttara calls Dilip and scolds him. He says that guy came in between, else that girl would have died. She says that guy is my son, mind your language. He says just make that guy away, I will handle her. She says fine, if you fail to do this, I will kill you. Two men tease a punjabi lady. Falguni intervenes and slaps a man. She scolds the men. A man sits watching and raises voice to warn. The men leave.

The lady thanks Falguni. Her husband comes. She says some men were teasing me, this girl slapped him. She says I m Sweety, this is my husband Bobby. Falguni says I have also come with family. Bobby thanks her for favor. Falguni says don’t worry. Sweety says the men threatened you, take care. Falguni goes to Suyash and everyone. Niyati says this is Nisha, Suyash’s friend. Uttara says Nisha is a good dress designer, get dresses from her for your photoshoot. Niyati says we are thinking for babymoon photoshoot. Nisha says Suyash is a good photographer, he has clicked my good pics, my red bikini pics were selected in fashion magazine. Jayant says we didn’t know this about Suyash. Nisha says I will come with you on photoshoot, click my pics please. Falguni says I don’t want to come. Niyati asks why. Falguni says no. Uttara says its fine, what will she do there, she will get bored. Nisha asks Suyash to come and dance. They dance on Swag se swagat…. Falguni sees Suyash.

The Episode starts with Falguni getting angry on Nisha for dancing with Suyash. Uttara supports her and asks her to vent out her anger on the cushion. Falguni beats the cushion. Uttara asks do you feel light, you can vent out anger, there will be many girls around Suyash, forget that Suyash will be just of you, you assure yourself and stay happy.

They get taunting each other. Falguni says Suyash will always be my husband, its good you made me vent out anger, now I won’t have anger for Suyash, there will be just love. Its morning, Falguni hugs Suyash. Suyash asks him to come for photoshoot. She says but I refused before. He says you can think, it will be fun. Uttara comes sand asks him to go to Vidhaan and Niyati. She says Jayant wants to rest, we will go somewhere. They visit a church. Uttara

says Lord forgives us for crimes. Falguni says one has to repent by bearing punishment. Uttara says you are so good, I wish someone showed me the right path before, I want to apologize to Lord, will you go back to hotel alone. Falguni agrees and leaves. Uttara smiles and thinks to do another crime. Dilip hides and sees some men troubling Falguni. Falguni asks the men to stay away. Dilip throws a smoke can there. He faints Falguni and the men. Dilip and his men kidnap Falguni. They leave in the car.
Suyash is at the photoshoot. He gets upset seeing Niyati and Vidhaan joking and not posing well. He says I m leaving. Niyati asks Suyash to take good pic as they have to show their pics. Suyash agrees. Dilip and his men put Falguni in a coffin and bury her alive. Dilip bids her bye. He leaves with his men. Suyash finishes the photoshoot. He calls Falguni and can’t connect. He thinks of her love confession and smiles. Falguni gets conscious and finds herself inside a coffin. She shouts.

Dilip calls Uttara and says I have buried Falguni, she can’t get saved now. Uttara gets glad. He asks her to arrange money. She says after final rites. Falguni shouts for help. Shom calls Uttara and says I miss you a lot. Jayant says don’t call her again, else I will tell Mangla about you. Shom ends call. Falguni thinks of her mum’s words and stays strong. She gets her phone and calls Suyash.

Suyash, Niyati and Vidhaan are on the way. Suyash sees them arguing and asks them to just stop it till they reach hotel. Falguni gets a scissor from her pocket and tries to cut the coffin. She cries.

Falguni screams. Suyash looks for her.


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