Jiji Maa Update On Monday 26th May 2020 On Adom TV



The Episode starts with Falguni shouting for help. Vidhaan praises Suyash for the good photoshoot. Niyati asks where is Falguni. Uttara says she was with me, she was getting bored and went. Suyash says its late, we should find her, she may have lost her way. They all go to find her. Uttara says Falguni is buried down. Falguni thinks of her mum’s words and hits the coffin with the scissor. Suyash and everyone look for her, and show her pic. Suyash calls her out. Uttara sits relaxed. Falguni encourages herself.

Niyati asks the punjabi couple about Falguni. They identity Falguni and say she has saved Sweety, she slapped a drunken and got threatened. Falguni recalls Niyati and Suyash. She puts her hand out of the coffin. Suyash shouts her name. She thinks I can’t lose like this. She screams. Suyash

turns and sees her hand. He gets shocked. He runs to her.
He digs the soil and finds a coffin. He opens it and gets her out of the coffin. He hugs her. She cries. Jayant complains to hotel manager about the drunkard men. Manager asks him not to worry, its surely guests or visitors who did this. Uttara acts worried. Suyash gets Falguni. Uttara gets shocked. Everyone ask Falguni where was she, what happened with her, who did this. Falguni points to Uttara and then those drunkards. Suyash gets angry. Vidhaan stops Suyash.

Uttara calls Dilip and scolds him. She says Falguni is alive, I want her dead, she can’t return with us. Suyash and Vidhaan play. Suyash says you always cheat, I won’t play with you. Jayant takes Uttara’s pics. A girl waves to him. He makes Uttara away and clicks the girl’s pics. Uttara sees him and scolds him. Jayant makes excuses. They argue. Suyash and Vidhaan come and ask what happened. Uttara complains about Jayant.

Vidhaan says we will have a couples game, wife has to stand on husband’s feet, they have to reach the finishing line. Jayant jokes on Uttara. They refuse to take part and become judges. Suyash and Falguni have a moment. They go ahead. Vidhaan says Suyash and Falguni went ahead. Suyash falls down. Niyati says they fell down, hurry up. They win. Vidhaan dances. Suyash smiles and says Vidhaan doesn’t like to lose. Falguni says I fall in love with you more when you talk such. They smile. Uttara says Vidhaan and Niyati won. Jayant and Uttara patch up. He shows her pic. She likes it and says its not more lovely than you. Everyone claps. Uttara meets Dilip. He says your bahu has got a good fate written, she gets saved always. She gets a flyer of hot air balloon and says I will take the game in my hands now, just do what I say. She shows the flyer to him.

Falguni and Niyati board the balloon. They panic when the balloon goes out of control. The base blasts. Falguni and Niyati hang down.


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