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Falguni Learns Piyali’s Trap

The Episode starts with Vidhaan going to Karma and joking on him. He tells Devdas story. He says Piyali is marrying Suyash, even if you love her, she doesn’t love you. Karma gets angry and scolds him. Piyali says everyone is troubling me. Karma comes to her and hugs. He asks for his reward for helping her. Falguni goes to talk to Piyali. Piyali asks are you drunk, just go. Karma asks how much do you love me. Piyali says you are my life. Karma says liar, then prove it, that you love me, not that Suyash. They hear someone coming and hide. Falguni looks for Piyali and goes. Piyali asks Karma to leave. Karma asks are you threatening me. Piyali says I will kill you if you spoil my work. He says you already have my life, if I see love for Suyash, I will not leave anyone. He goes.

Piyali says this is happening because of Uttara, I will not leave her. Suyash and Falguni see each other and cry. Bolna…plays…. they confess love and hug. Their imagination ends. Falguni thinks he is bearing pain and giving pain also. He thinks I can’t let you suffer with me. She thinks we can always face problems together. He thinks you have to live alone. He goes. Falguni cries and hugs Niyati. She says I just wanted your hug. Niyati asks her about the man. Falguni says that man called me and maybe he had come, he wanted to tell me something, Karma took him away. She says Suyash wasn’t opening the door, its strange. Vidhaan says I don’t think Karma’s love for Piyali is one sided. Niyati says time is less, try to find out from Piyali.

Falguni says she isn’t in her room. Uttara comes to her room. Piyali attacks her. Falguni prays for some way. Chunri falls over her. Uttara says Karma love you, he won’t listen to you, he will do what I tell him. Piyali removes her wig. She says what will happen when everyone knows you are Uttara, you made Suyash’s illness plan, you gave him medicines and wanted to kill him. Falguni comes there to hear. Piyali shouts don’t spoil my plan, Suyash is trapped in my plan, so he is marrying me. Falguni gets shocked.

Uttara shuts Piyali’s mouth and says someone is there, go and see. Falguni hides. Piyali checks and goes. Falguni says it means my plan was right, Piyali trapped Suyash, so he is marrying her, how is sheikh involved. She goes. Piyali says the day everyone knows you are Uttara, they will not leave you. Falguni goes and tells this to Niyati and Vidhaan. Uttara says Piyali is threatening me, I have to explain her. She sees newspaper and smiles. Falguni says its Dushera tomorrow, we will make evil lose. They join hands. Niyati says evil can’t win over good. Falguni nods. Its morning, Suyash sees Falguni coming downstairs. She comes and says its Dushera today, you will have this yellow flower in your kurta pocket. He says we aren’t husband and wife. She says our wedding rounds won’t get false if we sign some papers, until you marry someone, you are just mine. She gives him a flower. He throws it away and goes. She cries and says I will get you out of this mess.

Falguni looks for evidence. She gets fake beard and says Sheikh’s beard is fake. Uttara comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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