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The Episode starts with Maharaj ji praising Falguni for taking care of Uttara. She says this is my duty. She makes kada. Suyash comes and sends Maharaj ji out. He gives her the things she asks for. She sees him. He thanks her for making kada for his mom. She asks is this word light or heavy, it burdens a person, your family is mine, serving Uttara is my duty. He gets a call and goes. She says I will take kada for Uttara. Shom says Falguni cares for you a lot. Uttara says yes, my mood changed, I was tensed to keep Suyash and Falguni away, see it happened easily, Falguni forgot her husband, I will do this drama. She sings. Falguni hears them. She thinks you will never change, now see what I do. She gets a bird feather to treat Uttara. Jayant asks Uttara how is she feeling. She says fine. Falguni talks to

She says I spoke to doctor, he said Uttara will get fine soon. Shom thinks whom did she talk when doctor is fake. Falguni says Uttara’s legs will work when she feels some sensation. She gets a feather and says its not harmful, it will be good. She tickles her sole. Uttara wishes Shom does something. She controls her laughter. She says I can’t feel anything. Uttara says I have your love, so I m fine. Shom cries seeing her patience. Falguni asks can’t you feel anything. Shom says I think this failed. Falguni says fine, maybe doctor said right, we will try something else. Uttara asks her to leave it. Falguni gets a wooden stick. Uttara worries. Shom refuses to beat Uttara. He says you are Devi for me, I can’t do this. Vidhaan says yes, we can’t do this, dad why don’t you do this. Jayant takes stick to beat on Uttara’s legs.

Vidhaan says it will be good if she feels the pain. Jayant says sorry to do this. He stops and says I can’t do this. Falguni says no one from family can do this. Uttara asks shall we leave. Mangla says I will beat Uttara and do this sin. She hits Uttara. Shom asks her to stop. Uttara bears the pain and cries. Shom asks them to stop it, this hits will leave marks. Suyash says he is right, we will try something else. Mangla sees lizard and shouts. Uttara sees lizard and screams. She gets up from the wheelchair. Everyone gets shocked. Uttara runs. Falguni smiles.

Jayant says Uttara you got fine. Uttara says I stood up. Falguni says yes, you got fine. They all clap. Uttara says this is a miracle. Shom says yes, its a miracle, its your will power. Uttara says no, this is love of my family. Jayant says no, Falguni did this. Vidhaan says Falguni did everything to make mom fine. Falguni shows plastic lizard and says I made this fall on Uttara’s feet. They clap for Falguni and praise her. Jayant asks everyone to go and rest. Falguni stumbles. Suyash holds her. Uttara looks on shocked and recalls doctor’s words. Shom says what’s is madam thinking now. Uttara stops them and hugs Falguni to thank her. She says life is short, we all stay busy in work, we will spend some happy moments together, I had taken much rest, why don’t we play some game, its fine if you all are tired. Suyash says no, we will have family time.

The Episode starts with Uttara saying Shom I always keep plan B ready, Falguni and Suyash should be away all night, let them play any game. Vidhaan says we will play Antakshari. He divides the game. They all sing songs. Falguni sings Mere haathon me… and dances. Uttara sings Hai agar dushman…. Niyati sings Nahi nahi……and dances with Vidhaan. Mahendra comes and says its much time now, Uttara Devi its time to meet you and settle scores. He reaches the gate and thinks I didn’t forget how you insulted me, I gave you a chance to give me money, but you love money a lot, you asked me to tell your truth to the world, so I m here to say truth to your son. Uttara and Jayant dance. Jayant says Uttara think about everyone, they are feeling sleepy.

Suyash and Falguni would be going office,

let them go. Uttara says I have worked day and night in office, I feel family moments are precious, but Suyash can go. Suyash says no, I won’t go, we will continue antakshari. Suyash sings Mere jeevan sathi…. and dances with Falguni. Shom sings Jo tumko ho pasand…. Suyash gets Mahendra’s call. Mahendra says listen to me carefully, your Dada ji made a last, Suyash’s child will be the heir, but Uttara didn’t like it, she is your biggest enemy. Suyash says I can’t hear you, message me if its urgent. Mahendra hears their antakshari and smiles. He says they are singing, they will mourn once I talk to Suyash. Falguni sings Baahon me chale aaoo… and dances with Suyash. He sings Shaam gulabi…… They all dance.
Suyash sees a shadow and goes out to see. Mahendra meets you. Suyash asks who are you. Mahendra says your well wisher. Suyash asks how did you come in. He calls guards. Mahendra says I came here to say about your mum, she is a devil. Suyash asks what nonsense, what do you know about Gayatri. Mahendra says I m talking about Uttara, she has cheated you. Suyash scolds him and says my mum is just Uttara Devi, no one has right to insult you. Mahendra says you will also regret. He leaves.

Jayant says we will end this game now. Uttara says no one will sleep, this will go on till morning. They all feel sleepy and sing. Jayant sings Neela aasmaan…… Uttara sings chupke chupke…… Its morning, everyone is seen sleeping. Uttara sees Falguni and they continue singing. Falguni asks till when will you play this game, I know why you are doing this, I understand everything.

She says you don’t want Suyash to come close to me, the night is over, whatever is destined will happen, Suyash and I love each other, none can stop us from uniting. Uttara says Falguni is right, till when will I play such things, I have to make Dr. Malhotra remove Falguni’s uterus, then their union won’t matter to me.

Suyash asks Falguni to stitch the shirt buttron. They get close. Uttara says I can make Dr. Malhotra do anything. She calls Dr. Malhotra. He agrees to do the operation.


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