Kente Weavers Association In Jaman North District Commends Former Jaman North MP

The Jaman North district since it’s conception has had a lot of developmental deficiencies the has rendered the district as one of the less developed district in the country, there are a lot of projects that got started but was not completed due to political party differences.

But the kente weavers association in Duadaso No. 1 a suburb of Jaman North district since it’s creation has existed for some time now but lack materials and equipments for its modernization and operations.

The immediate past member of parliament for the Jaman North constituency, Honorable Siaka Stevens during his campaign season promised the kente weavers association to purchase materials and equipments for them to enhance the kente weaving processes. The items were delivered as promised, during the delivery of the items, honorable Siaka Stevens disclosed the reasons behind such movements. He stressed that, Duadaso No 1 could be one of the tourist attractions centers in some days to come due to the kente weaving activities. He also promised the workers to help them embark on tour to Bonwire for education purposes.

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The CEO for the Kente Weavers Association of Duadaso No 1, Madam Attaa Theresah on behalf of the association accepted the materials and displayed their sense of appreciation to the outgone Member of Parliament. She also pleaded with Honorable Siaka Stevens to help them acquired structure that will serve as a place for their activities.

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Story By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa