Learn Computer Technology with Free Online Colleges

Learn Computer Technology with Free Online Colleges

Looking for free online colleges? Well, now you can learn computer courses free from online schools while staying at home. The computer is today the brain of the world and its study is very important for every field.

Online classes are available free of cost for everyone. Stanford is one of the top universities in the USA in computer sciences. Now Stanford is offering free online college computer courses. Yes, it is true. This is very helpful for students who want to learn computer technology-free. But they are either far away from good colleges or they have no money. The steps are very simple.

This Stanford online schooling is totally free of cost and students also get certificates. Getting into the computer field is very important. I’ll highly recommend studying at least a basic course of computing so that you can later know how websites work, how pc works, and how big software work in the back end.

Step By Step Method to Enroll with Stanford Online College

Go to Official Stanford Online College Website

The other online colleges may charge you money but this initiative from Stanford online university is free of cost. I have enrolled in some courses myself. The instructor basically gives video lectures at a specific time. All other enrolled students are also logged in and watching the online lecture. You can ask questions from lectures during the online class.

Click on Courses button


Click on Join Button

On the page, you’ll see a red button with the Text “Join”. Click on that button.

Click on Sign up Button

Then click on the blue sign-up button. There may be multiple sign up buttons depending upon the length of courses. on the next page of Stanford online education. Enter your Full Name, Email, and password. Yes, this online college is totally free. Now you can learn from the best faculty of the united states free of cost.