Let's travel to Sampa

Sampa is a town in the Bono Region of [Ghana]on the border with Côte d’Ivoire. It is the capital of Jaman North District, and was formerly the site of a Slave market. It was also the capital of the Akan State of [Gyaaman] in the late [15th century]. It is the biggest border town in Ghana with a population of over 38,000. It is the principal town of the Nafana ethnic group in Ghana. They speak the [Nafaanra]. They equally speak Twi ( because Sampa is a cosmopolitan society. Nafaanra is also spoken in [Banda District] and parts of [Tain District], (Bondoukou) a District of [Cote d’Ivoire The major cash crop produced by the people is Cashew. It is the leading producer of Cashew in Ghana.



Nickname(s): The Border City
Motto(s): Yeyiri Nafanaemphasized text


Good work done @Adams_Yaya, is a town with so many capabilities. All that we need is a little effort.


@Adams_Yaya do also know that Sampa used to be called Sikaso?