Life after COVID-19 in Ghanaian Health Sector

Health promotion and awareness have been the major tools used by the Ministry of Health in Ghana in an attempt to pull down coronavirus cases in the country. Most people have been informed through Social Media, SMS, TV among others on safety measures to promote personal hygiene in order to avoid the global canker.


What then is going to be the situation at the health sector after the pandemic. A major survey of the lifestyle of Ghanaians have indicated that social distancing is still going to continue even though personal hygiene is going to be practised a lot by the majority of people. There is a likelihood that admission cases will reduce despite the government prioritising the construction of new hospitals in the next budget.

Health awareness has been craved highly in the minds of Ghanaians and most people now eschew unhealthy practices. If this continues, the burden at the various hospitals will reduce. The labor force of the country is going to be much healthier with improved lifestyle. With the cases of ignorance recorded for the past weeks, the question now remains, will these improvements only be limited to places that the deadly virus?


I personally think the improvement are not going to be limited only to the worst affected areas but across the length and breadth of Ghana.

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Without any doubt, the corona virus have had a negative effect on our life but it has also strengthened personal hygiene protocols in Ghana and around the globe.

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I believe the government shouldn’t limit to only affected areas because, the virus has NO respect for humanity. It can from all angles.

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