Lynda Dreamweaver CC Tutorial Series

Lynda Dreamweaver CC Tutorial Series


Dreamweaver CC or Creative Cloud is another version of the DreamWorks software developed by Adobe that is used to design and build professional websites. Dreamweaver has the ability to edit pages like html, asp, php, aspx, css, js, jsp, cf and makes editing these pages easier by recognizing the keywords in these languages ​​in an integrated editor. In this version of the software the newer and more advanced tools make it easier to design the site and the blog.
In the Dreamweaver CC tutorial , you will become familiar with the key features of this powerful software application.

Dreamweaver CC Essential Training Training Titles:

  • Teaching how to design a website
  • Workspace management
  • Define a new site
  • Manage the site’s primary pages
  • Check the writing options
  • link creation
  • Perform CSS settings and design one page
  • Insert and design images
  • Working with tabular data
  • Uploaded files
  • Checking incorrect links
  • And …

Dreamweaver CC and WordPress 3.8 Tutorials: Core Concepts:

  • Set up WordPress locally
  • Create your Dreamweaver CC site
  • Add and edit posts and pages
  • Customize WordPress themes
  • Build responsive designs
  • Expand WordPress editable pages
  • Use and appearance design of WordPress plugin
  • Merge jQuery functionality
  • Publish your WordPress site with Dreamweaver
  • Personalize and enhance WordPress

Dreamweaver Tutorials: Working with Git Version Control:

  • Why use Git in Dreamweaver CC?
  • Install Git on windows and macOS
  • Git Setting
  • Working with the local tank
  • Stacking and committing files
  • Modify files
  • Create a branch
  • come back
  • Work with remote tanks


Dreamweaver CC Essential Training

Dreamweaver CC and WordPress 3.8: Core Concepts

Dreamweaver: Working with Git Version Control