My Heart Knows: Malhar chooses Kalyani over Moksh with Secret Plan A Upcoming Twist

Malhar will begin to counter-attack his foes after losing custody of Moksh in the hellish narrative of My Heart Knows.

Malhar and Kalyani both lose custody of Moksh to their malevolent adversaries Atharv and Sampada.

Whereas the Deshmukh family backed Atharv and Sampada, confirming Malhar’s unworthiness as a parent,

When the Judge asks Malhar to pick between Moskh and Sampada or divorce Kalyani for Moksh, Malhar chooses Kalyani.

Malhar makes a public announcement

Malhar will openly declare in court that Moksh’s true mother is solely Kalyani.

In the meanwhile, he will change Moksh’s name from Moksh Malhar Rane to Moksh Kalyani Rane.

To everyone’s surprise, he would grant Moksh to Sampada and Atharv.

The twist in the story will now occur when Malhar implements his secret plot to reclaim Moksh from Sampada and Atharv.

Let us see if he is successful in his ideas.