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The Episode starts with Ritik’s brother telling Yamini that Ritik is in the house. Yamini asks if you have met him. He says yes, just now he went upstairs. Ritik’s cousin asks Yamini to come and have dinner with her. Yamini says I will meet Ritik and come. She says okay and goes. Yamini comes to Ritik’s room calling him. She thinks to add silencer to the pistol, so that nobody hears the sound when the bullet is shot. She sees someone taking bath, and shoots at him. She moves the curtain and finds nobody. She thinks what is happening and why can’t I see Ritik when everyone can see him. She goes out of washroom. Snake comes from hideout. Yamini hides the pistol seeing her friend. Shesha appears infront of her. Yamini asks if you are roaming in Ritik’s avatar in the entire room. Shesha says have you gone mad and asks about Ritik. Yamini says Ritik went out with Angad. Shesha asks why you are carrying pistol with you. Yamini says someone has stolen Naagmani and says pistol is for her protection. She says I can’t trust anybody. Shesha goes. Yamini thinks I have killed Ritik mercilessly, then who is he, who is roaming in the house.

Ritik is seen in the temple and asks Shiv ji why did he make him meet Shivanya. Why did he give him pain when he don’t want him to be with his love. He asks him to show the way and says I can’t be away from her, and says my love for her is true even though she is a naagin. Guru ji comes and says Shivanya is your wife and have taken seven vows with you. He says even God can’t separate you. He says Shiv ji have told me that you will be together. He says Shivanya is a naagin, and if you want to be with her, then you have to become naag, and shall sacrifice human avatar. Ritik agrees and says he will do it for Shivanya. Ritik’s dad comes and says I can’t let you become naag, and asks him to think about naagmani.

Yamini again sees Ritik and asks who are you? Ritik gets up from his chair and says you haven’t identified your son. I am your Ritik. Yamini says you can’t be Ritik. Ritik says why? Just touch me and see. Yamini says no, and says you can’t be him. Ritik says just because you had killed me. He takes out knife and says this is the same knife with whom you had stabbed me many times. He holds by her hairs and says I will not leave you. He says I am the upset soul. Yamini targets pistol on him and says I will kill you. Ritik says you want to kill my soul and promises to expose her truth. Yamini is shocked to see his face turning blue. Yamini shouts. Ritik goes. Shivanya is seen in his avatar, and thinks it is good that Ritik is not here else he would feel bad seeing your true face.

Shivanya tells Ritik and his dad that Yamini got scared. Ritik’s dad says she will do something for sure now. He says we will give naagmani to someone for safekeeping. He keeps the naag mani on the snake. Ritik says I can protect naagmani by becoming snake. Ritik’s dad says no. Just then honey bees appears there. Ritik’s dad says it is a sign that you can’t become naag. Shivanya asks Ritik, how can he think to become naag, and says even soul feels pain. Ritik says I can bear any pain to get you. Shivanya says I am born here. Once you becomes naag, you will get 100 years of life, but you will not be able to live alone. Ritik says I don’t need anything except you. Shivanya says I see you in pain and says I can’t keep you away from your loved ones for me. She hugs him. She says I had a sister Shesha and Guru dev, but shesha killed him. She says we love each other a lot, and our avatars don’t make any difference. She says I can’t separate you from your siblings. Ritik says I really miss them a lot. Shivanya says Yamini can do anything and we have to be careful. Ritik promises that he will not let anything happen to your husband. Ritik asks how you will come with me? Shivanya becomes bracelet. Ritik smiles. Naagin music plays…….

Guru Maa laughs hearing Yamini. Yamini asks if I am lying? Guru Maa says I can call any soul and trap him. Yamini asks her to call Ritik then. She says I will trap Ritik’s soul in this skull. Yamini calls Ritik…., but no soul comes. Guru maa tells Yamini that the skull doesn’t move from the place, and it means there is no soul of Ritik here. Yamini says other family members had seen him. Guru Maa gives her bhasm/powder and asks her to throw on that soul. Yamini says okay, and threatens her if she fails again. She comes home and sees Ritik sitting with his siblings. She thinks if Ritik told them truth. Ritik gets up. Angad says Bhaiyya told us everything. Divya says you had stabbed Ritik, how can you kill your son. Yamini is shocked. Everyone laughs. Her kids say that they were just joking and telling about Ritik’s dream. Ritik says morning dreams are often comes true. Angad talks about event and asks Ritik to help him. Ritik agrees. Once everyone goes, Ritik says I thought of you as God, and you thought me as an ordinary human for getting naagmani. She searches for the bhasm/powder. Ritik says you have killed a mum. Yamini takes out bhasm…Ritik asks how many times you will kill me. Yamini says I will kill you until you dies. Ritik says I am a soul and it won’t die. Yamini throws powder on Ritik, but Shivanya makes powder fall in Yamini’s eyes. Ritik goes.

Ritik praises Angad for organizing the event so well. Emraan Hashmi, Lara Dutta and Prachi Desai come for the film promotion Azhar. Ritik promotes the film Azhar. Emraan tells about the film. Lara says she is lawyer in the film. Lara and Emraan tell about the film which is going to release on 13th May. Yamini thinks to find out about Ritik’s next move. Shivanya is seen there and becomes snake. Yamini sees Ritik going and follow him. Ritik thinks to meet Shivanya. Yamini sees Ritik meeting a lady, but couldn’t see Shivanya’s face. Shivanya goes. Yamini is about to see Shivanya, but Prachi stops her. Yamini praises her and the film. Prachi asks Shivanya, who is she? Shivanya says she is my mum in law and thanks for her help.

Yamini is at home and tensed. Ritik sings la la la la lori……and scares her. Yamini acts as mad…and tells Ritik that she is scared. She asks him to leave. Ritik says even if I leave you, but God will never leave you. Yamini sits on her knees and sees him gone. Ritik tells Shivanya that their plan is successful now… He says Yamini have gone mad. Shivanya hugs him.

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Snake circles Yamini. She shouts. Ritik breaks something like nice. Ritik and Shivanya gets closer.




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