Nafana Presby Senior High School / NASEC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL

Nafana Presby Senior High School / NASEC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL

Nafana Presby Senior High popularly / NASEC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL is a mixed co-educational institution established jointly by the Nafana community and the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in October 1979. NASEC has a great slogan, Banga Na, a Senufo or nafana phrase which means tomorrow’s sake or because of tomorrow.



Type: Public High School
Motto: Banga Na
Denomination: Presbyterian Mission, Ghana
Established: October 1979
Status: Active
Oversight: Ministry of Education
Headmaster: Rebecca Appiah Mensah (Mrs)
Gender: Mixed
Age: 14 upwards
Classes offered: General arts, science, visual arts, business
Language: English
Phone: 027 013 2537
Address: P.O. Box 30, Sampa


We hail you NASEC
The school of unity and pride
We uphold you and, Are proud of you
Let’s unite and work with all our mind
For success come first by hard work
In anything, let us remember our motto-for tomorrow sake 2x
With the lord on our side, We shall achieve our aim 2x)

History of Nafana Presby Senior High School

Education is said to be the key to the development of every nation. Education which may be formal or informal involves the process by which people learn and gain knowledge. The knowledge gained through learning is then applied for the benefit of all. Thus an educated citizenry can be said to be a panacea for accelerated national development. It is against this backdrop that the first president of Ghana Dr. Kwame Nkrumah made education one of his main priorities in order to fast-track the developmental agenda of the country. This culminated in the building of several secondary schools throughout the country. This was made to bring secondary school education closer to the citizenry. This led to many people having the opportunity to taste secondary school education. Hitherto, most of these people would never have even dreamt of going to secondary school. After Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, other governments have come and done their part as far as education is concerned. Over the years, some communities through the support of some personalities have also been able to set up community-based secondary schools to augment the government efforts of providing such schools to its people. One such school is the Nafana Presby Senior High School at Sampa established in 1979.

The Nafana Presby Senior High School, NASEC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL for short, was established in October 1979 at Sampa in the then Jaman District of the Brong Ahafo Region. Sampa now the district capital of the Jaman North District is known to be one of the largest border towns in the country. The district is strategically located to the Western Part of the Brong Ahafo Region and to the North-Western fringes of the neighboring Cote d’Ivoiré. With classrooms yet to be completed, the school first began in a local Presbyterian Primary School building and an old church building owned by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in Sampa. The idea to establish the school was conceived through discussions between the Sampa Traditional Council, Sampa Town Development Committee, and the local session of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. As a community school, it operated privately from the Ghana Education Service (GES) initially, but under the management of the Presbyterian Education Unit.

Notable Pioneers of Nafana Presby Senior High School

Most of the pioneers’ teachers of NASEC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL served voluntarily with little or no remuneration. Notably among these teachers included the first Headmaster Mr. Emmanuel Michael Sieh of blessed memory, who left the pleasures of his position as a Senior Tutor and Dining Hall Master at Sunyani Secondary School (SUSEC) to open the school. Others were Mr. K.A Opoku Philip (a.k.a Washuu) who taught in the school for thirty-three years, Mr. Abrefa Agyapong the then Veterinary Officer in Sampa, and Mr. Essieh Pascal who was a mathematics tutor for quite a long time. The school was partially absorbed into the public system in September 1982 when the government took over the payment of salaries. Until then, allowances were paid to the staff by the local Presbyterian Church and the Sampa Town Development Committee. The government fully absorbed the school on 1st September 1990.

Notable alumni of Nafana Presby Senior High School

Among the many people who have gone through the walls of NASEC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and have made the school proud is the current MP for Jaman North, Hon Siaka Stevens. Others include His Lordship, Justice Emmanuel Ankamah, a High court Judge in Accra, Hon Joe Danquah, former MP for Tain, Mr. Felix Opoku, Snr. Lecturer of the University of Cape Coast, Dr. Adu Daniel who is now in the USA, Ms. Faustina Willie a Lawyer, and Mr. Krah Kwame Mathurin, an HR Practitioner of Nestle West Africa. Other prominent Nasecans whose names are worth mentioning includes Messrs Joachim Sah, Tutor SUSEC, Wahid Sadique, District EC Officer, Wenchi, Amprah Andrews, Tutor Big Boss, Eric Willie, Banker Access Bank, Bio Francis, Tutor NASEC, Job Manu, Snr Assistant Registrar S-Poly, George Kwasi Manu, Zoolion Sunyani, and many others as the list is endless.

Former & Present Headteachers of Nafana Presby Senior High School
  1. Mr. Emmanuel Michael Sieh-The founder and first headmaster

  2. Mr. K.A Opoku Philip (a.k.a Washuu) - former headmaster

  3. Mr. Asah (a.k.a Ntara)

  4. Mr. Kofi Wiredu Sasah - former headmaster

  5. Mr. Yaw Anane

  6. Rebecca Appiah Mensah (Mrs) - current headmistress

Major Achievements of Nafana Presby Senior High School

NASEC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL has its motto as “Banga Na” in the local Nafaara language which literally translates as “For future sake”. The school which started with a student population of forty (40), can now boast of a population of over one thousand six hundred students (1,600). From the O’ Level days to the current Senior High School time, the school has achieved many laurels in both academic and outside of academics. The school has always been one of the best in the district and the region as far as academic laurels are concerned. Go to any recognized tertiary institution across the country and you are bound to see a Nasecan there. The academic credentials of the school have remained unquestionable since its establishment. Outside academics, the school has always been a force to reckon with in the inter-schools football and athletics competitions in the Brong Ahafo Region. The school offers all the major programs being offered at the senior high school level. These include science, arts, home science, virtual arts, and business courses. In spite of all these great achievements, the school like many other schools in the country is faced with a myriad of problems. These include a lack of classroom blocks, dormitories, and other infrastructures like an administrative block for the growing student population. The school which started as a day school has since 2007 been operating as both a boarding and day institution.

Facilities of Nafana Presby Senior High School

Administrative Block

Home Economics Department

Nafana Presby S.H.S Park

Nafana Presby S.H.S Library

Nafana Presby S.H.S General Arts Block

Random Galleries

School Cadets

School Auditorium

School choir


Francis Yaw Daah: Nafana Presby S.H.S Celebrates First Speech & Prize Giving Day in 33yrs

Sampa Wenchi Road, Sampa
027 013 2537


I Miss NASEC too much




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