Online education can be added to the normal school sytem in Ghana'' MR. TUFFOUR SAMUEL''

45210347_104503343887248_95769361154834432_n-removebg-preview(1) G.E.S and government should allow and accept online schooling and examination in Ghana. Most county have done it and it is improving their educational system. Few college and universities in ghana allow students to write exams online but NO junior high and senior high schools in Ghana allow students on online education. Mr Tuffour plead to the government and Ghana education service to allow J.H.S and S.H.S schools to have online class and exam.

Mr. Tuffour also said, if there were to be online system for junior high and senior high schools in Ghana there wont be any problems on the G.E.S and the educational system in the corona virus (covid 19) time. Students can learn, have their normal class online and have their examination during the covid 19 pandemic. He said if G.E.S and the government accept his view it will improved the educational system.


I perfectly agree with you bro… Even some tertiary schools are doing that and it is working for them.


Nice post


Mr Tuffour, that’s true and laudable suggestions. If only the parliamentarians will accept and pass to become a law. Hmmmmm.



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