Our Education Structure Must Be Changed To Conform To Entrepreneurship-Mr. Abdul Awal

The finance minister made a statement recently concerning the unavailability of employment avenues because the government’s payroll is full

Reacting to this in Gye Nyame FM’s morning show dubbed Adeakye Abia chaired by Kwaku Mensah Abrampa, Mr. Abdul Awal a social commentator stated that, the high rate of unemployment in the country is a result of amendments made in the education system that eradicated some life and entrepreneurship enhancing skills being taught back at school.

Mr. Awal stated that the education ministry must ensure the improvement of vocational and technical skills which See’s to grease the entrepreneurship skills of graduates. Also, agricultural skills must be improved to ensure that those who go into farming practice it with a good heart.

He stressed that the teaching and learning of agricultural skills in schools should go beyond agric extension officers after successful graduation hence government must make available some financial support to agric science students for successful agricultural practices after graduation.

Story By Kwaku Mensah Abrampa