Poem; The Envelope Of Flesh

This tent of flesh, the garment. They said this truth to me,
It was in the past but it was about my future.
At the time the theology of my heart was composed and robust.
But I was unaware of the reforms that was taken place around me
Why did I stay medieval when I witnessed my enemy advance his tactics?
To take away my destiny
Complacency in my theology I am certain. In the script,
Sampson had dropped his jawbone
But I clinged on to a rib, Gladiator, I held on to a broken sword I held on to liturgies and traditions I wouldn’t let go of obsoletes

I grasp desperately at the outskirts of His ways
I am too familiar with the pleasures of the flesh
It leaves you with despair and emptiness
The other life outside the outer court is difficult
That’s why many have pitched their tents at the gates of the Tabernacle.

We are born in the deserts
But we can also see the Living Fountain
We were born in the darkness
But we know there comes a cheering glean a light
We have learned how to see in our darkness

So we’re content with our illumination
Have you dwelt with the torch for so long, you despise the sun?
Adam, Have you used the fig leaves for so long, you despise the lamb’s skin?
Dear Nomad, Have you dwelt in the tents so long, you despise the mansion
Woman, Have you held on so long to the helm, now you despise the garment?

Above the noise is a heart
Beyond the facade is a cry
Behind the veil is a scar
But the heart follows hard after it’s heart and the Hart pants for the waters
I grasp at the helm, yes I try It’s been a fight so far
Like Esau I preferred a bowl of beans over my destiny
Like Sampson I preferred an allergy
Like that young foolish man I compromised
Like Solomon I enjoyed the company of the mistresses
Like David I fell by the hands of charm and nakedness
But now I understand
The fallen old man in Adam was a dam
From which proceeded concupiscence Many gods, many kings and many strong men have drunk at her well and returned vain

But my King and Lord doesn’t waste words
When He said flee He meant nothing less
When Joseph fled, he wasn’t a coward
My King and Lord doesn’t exaggerate
I have trusted in my jawbone, I have trusted in a straw in a tornado I have anchored with a cotton
I am Adam and I was not made immune to Eve
It is the second Adam that’s immune to Eve
But my reality had Been Eden
Oblivious of the new Adam that proceeded from Zion

I fought spirits with flesh
I fetched the oceans with a basket
Dialogued without the tongue
Messaged without a voice
We think we know man
But His nature is a revelation of gross corruption
Desperately wicked above all
But we know him only by what the laws have permitted him to be
Take away the laws and the restrictions
What you have left is the right.
So tell me again why I should have confidence in the flesh

I have allowed myself to be a man
I have allowed myself to be the dust, and thus food for the serpent,
I have allowed myself to be Adam and therefore fallen by the hands of Eve.
Do not allow yourself to be a man, you’ll fall again.

I broke the hedge, the serpent bit me. He is a liar, it just hit me
Do not fight flesh with flesh
It’s a guaranteed disaster
The cure for flesh is the Holy Spirit
This truth is from my past but it’s maybe for your future, it’s your future, it is your turn, turn the future

Written by Michael Koomson
Tutor at Eguafo Abirem Snr High school.


@Krakye1 do you know why I haven’t commented on this poem? I am yet to decipher it. It is very deep though.


Comparing two distance things using “like” who can tell me the figure of speech being used here?


The figure of speech used here is known as metaphor.

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The figure we of speech used here is simile…

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Metaphor is directly comparing two things without the use of “like or as”

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A figure of speech that makes comparison between two things that are basically not similar. Like smile, metaphor does not use the words ‘like’ or ‘as’