Rangrasiya update on friday 11th september 2020 on joy prime


Scene 1
mohini is talking to some pickle dealer, koyal comes there, she says on call that I know you gave deal to my DIL, I will inform her, shtabdi listens to her, she says to koyal that tell your mom that dealer is tomorrow only then she will panic, koyal says your work will be done but what will I get? mohini says you are like your grandmother, she bribes her, shtbadi says oh koyal do this, koyal goes to shtabdi and tells that dealer is coming soon, shtabdi says thanks for telling. koyal comes to dhruv and ask him to play with me, dhruv says that I don’t wanna play.
maayra is talking to her fiancé(rohit) on internet call, she says that this place is beautiful, I would like to roam here and enjoy every moment, I know you want to stop me from talking but its a video message so cant stop.
rudra is sitting and recalls how he met maayra. Maithili asks if he is still remembering Dhruv’s illusions. Rudra says, he’s not wrong…I saw the girl today too.
maayra says bye to rohit on video chat, she then says that i know girls say bye baby, i love you in end of message but you know i am like this, i don’t like these cheesy lines so just simple bye, she ends call and finds blue butterfly in her room.
Maithili says how this can be possible, rudra says don’t know why life is taking my exam, how will I stay with women 24*7 for 10 months, I have to guard her, how can I when her face is exactly like paro, for a minute I thought that she is paro, I remembered paro seeing her, don’t know how will I face her, dhruv listens to him.
maayra sees blue butterfly and tries to take her picture, she finds one wallet on floor, she takes it and reads rudra pratap ranawat, she oh this that security agent, how will I give him, what if I go to him and he runs from there too.
dhruv talks with koyal and says you remember I told that I saw mom, rudra also saw her but he is not accepting that she is my mother, he thinks that she is someone else. he says I have to tell you something but promise me you wont tell anybody and don’t do fake promise that you do with grandmother, she says ok, he tells her something which is muted.

Scene 2
dhruv comes to rudra, rudra says that I know she is like your mom but she is not your mom, you know it is said that there are seven people who have same face in this world, dhruv says then I look like salman khan, rudra agrees and kisses her forehead, he sleeps, dhruv thinks that papa still thinks that you are not my mom but I and you know mom the truth, you are my secret and my mother.
the pickle dealer comes, shtabdi welcomes him, she says are you here to give me advance, he says no, I take pickle 1st and give money then, mohini welcomes him too, dealer ask shtabdi to give him pickle, shtabdi gets tensed, she recalls how mohini said that dealer will come tomorrow, dealer ask shtabdi is pickle order ready, mohini says I don’t think so, pickle will time to come here, what will you do dealer now? she shows him mohini pickle and says that shtabdi’s pickle is not ready so you can take my order, I have 21 jars and you can take now, its the best pickle, dealer says ok, he buys her pickle and gives her money, mohini is happy while shtabdi is angry and says says MIL you played game with me.

SCene 3
dhruv is walking on road, he tries to take the lift, he stops one auto and sits in it, he goes, rudra and all are searching in home for dhruv, shtabdi says he is no where, we should complain to police, rudra says maybe he went to school for extra class, Maithili ask koyal did dhruv tell her something before going out, she is silent.
maayra is talking with her mother on phone and says I am going to give wallet to security agent, I have been given car so I will find him, she reads address of rudra’s house/ranawat villa on his card.
rudra says to danveer I am going to find him, danveer ask him to take the car, rudra ask koyal did has any fight with boy in school, koyal says stop, he is safe, shtabdi scolds her that you knew about him but was silent, koyal says dhruv went to meet his mother, rudra is stunned and ask how do he know? koyal says he listened to your talks last night, mohini ask from did mother come?

Scene 4
maayra sits in car to leave, dhruv comes there and stops her, he is all drenched in rain and dirt, driver scolds him thinking dhruv is a beggar, maayra says don’t talk to kid like this, she gives him chocolate and says you are beggar, you must be hungry take it, he says I don’t need it, I want to show you something, maayra says please take it, rudra comes there and ask dhruv are you fine, Mayra comes out of car and says oh he is your kid? I thought he is a beggar, rudra says it doesn’t make any difference, if you know him or not, you are a rich brat who doesn’t know anything, you just know how to break heart innocent boy, how to break his hopes, maayra says give me a break, what are you saying, i was just helping a kid thinking that he is beggar and you are accusing me, rudra says he is not a beggar but my child, when you don’t know anything then don’t bother, he is about to leave when maayra stops him and says what you think of yourself, you think that you can anything about me and i will silently listen to it, when i met you earlier i gave you respect but you have no manners, i don’t know whats your past and neither i am interested in it, so you take your way while i will go on mine, she turns to leave but stops and says to rudra that here is your wallet and before you accuse me of stealing let me tell you that you dropped it in hotel, rudra takes it and turns to go, dhruv points to maayra, rudra turns to see her and sees maayra standing in middle of road picking her purse, one bike is approaching her, rudra is shocked and runs to save her, he save herfrom hurting, they get little closer, maayra is stunned, she thanks him and sits in her car, rudra sits on bike and says to dhruv that i got so worried for you, don’t do this again, he leaves, maayra too leaves.

PRECAP- maayra wearing western dress, hat and shades comes to ranawat villa, mohini thinks she is some actress and doesn’t recognize her, mohini comes to her and ask did to came to meet me? maayra says no i came to meet rudra pratap ranawat.

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