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Scene 1
Chachi says my sister is alive but she ran away leaving her husband and son, rudra shouts enough, chachi ask what enough? i know she ran away but she is my sister, she says that i was very sad for you, you were crying and saying as a child that when she will return how she will recognize me, but she never returned, dilsher says enough or else i will throw you out, chachi says you cant do that, i mad e this haveli a house, you left it to become tombbbb but i made this home, you hace to pay for what i did for this haveli. He says you want this haveli okay take it but tell me who will be the heir of this haveli as you dont have any grand children, dilsher gets angry and says only pigeons will fly here not your grand children, he puts hand shoulder of rudra and says he is my son, he will get married and will give heir to this haveli, his children my gran children will stay her. Dilsher chokes so rudra takes him from there. He comes to pari’s room, paro gives inhaler and water to dilsher before rudra could ask for, he looks at her, paro ask what happened outside? rudra says why you do scuffle with that women, paro says did you fight with chachi? rudra ask her to saty out of their matters, rudra is about to leave, dilsher says to get married, he says why he is burning himself in this fire, he says i destroyed my life but you should start your life by marrying. Rudra says you are 15 years late in telling me to live life, where were you before, rudra get angry and says you always fed me with burnt rotis and hatred for women and now you are asking me to live, he says nothing is left in me to live, i am just poison not a medicine, he leaves, dilsher sits and says everything is finished, paor stands there in sad state.

Scene 2
In headquarter, rudra remembers how mother of dead soldier had told him that he will not be with his mother in life, aman comes and says singh sir and all are waiting for you for inquiry, rudra takes his cap and comes out, aman says i belived you when kaisri opened his mouth, when you fought with them, working for you was honour for me, rudra puts hand on his shoulder.
Rudra comes inside where seniors are present, they say you did a wrong operation and didnt ask for our permission, you killed many people and are not able to prove anything or statement from any eye witness. he says if you are able to bring proof that tejawat smuggled guns through barat in 4 days then its okay otherwise your badges will be snatched and you will be thrown out of bsd and you will have to bear court marshal, rudra is stunned. major singh ask him to leave, he comes out and remembers how singh said that he was wrong and operation was fail. rudra is tensed.

Scene 3
Pandit is showing pictures of girls to chachi for sumer, she sees paro there. chachi says to pandit that i have one more son, please take out an appropriate date for his marriage, it should be of next week only, names are rudra and paro. Paro listens to it and tray of tea cups falls from her hand, chachi looks at her. maithili and paro sits down to clean the mess of tray, paro says jija i have one request to bring his father(Dilsher) here, she leaves. Chachi says she is parvati, her 1st name is not known but soon ranawat will add to her name, please take out date for her marriage, pandit ask for kundli, chachi says we dont know anything about her, only knows that she is from jaipur and knows embroidery, household work and all, her mami is very modern as she had sent her here before marriage, pandit ask for birth date, paro says 2nd of march, he ask for rudra’s. paro is tensed. chachi says july 31st, You must know paro?. Pandit says there couple is very nice as you see they compliment in names parvati and rudra. i have taken out a good date for their marriage, its after 10 days from today, chachi says good now you may leave, he leaves. chachi thinks now i will see what you will answer, chachi says you became tensed for marriage, i will bring sweets for you, chachi says congrats marriage will be in 10 days, Paro says this marriage cant happen, chachi ask why? dilsher says because you are not her mother to decide for her marriage, she says you had to do this for her but i am doing it, if that day there was no smoke that day in house then we would not know about her, she says before respect of house becomes talk of town, we have to sort it out, dilsher says i said not talk of marriage, chachi ask for reason? as after engagement there should be marriage and your son said that we are one family when he returned back so i am her mother in law, dilsher says nothing will happen without rudra’s consent, chachi says ok let him come as he will not say no. paro thinks how devil will handle this now.

PRECAP- Chachi says to rudra that after 10days you will be getting married to parvati, rudra says No, not after 10days but after 4 days only, chachi is stunned.
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