Rangrasiya update on thursday 10th september 2020 on joy prime


Everyone sits on the dining table for breakfast. Koyel and Dhruv try to make Rudra laugh. Rudra says what is wrong with you? Dhruv says making you cheerful. Rudra says I am not sad at all. Dhruv says I am sorry…I know talking of Maa makes you sad. Rudra says no not at all, but at times I miss your mom…that’s it! Nothing else. Dhruv says, I know you Papa. Rudra says oh yeah? Dhruv says yeah…you speak so less. Koyel agrees to him. Maithili brings them food. Mohini comes to scold Koyel but Dhruv defends her and Rudra takes them both to school.

In the market, Myrah is talking to her chachu and mischievously cuts the call. She stops by a turban shop and tries one on her. The shop keeper says this is not for girls, Myrah says why? is it a crime. She takes a selfie with it. Rudra and the kids are using the same route, Rudra gets a call and he goes away. Myrah’s hat falls near Dhruv. She goes and thanks him for picking it up. Dhruv is stunned. He says “Mummy”. Myrah gets scared and calls out for her mom. She asks him to not cry. Koyel then comes and takes him away.

At night, Rudra tells Dhruv that he has taken up a new assignment, and won’t be there from the morning tomorrow. So don’t get afraid, and Maasi will get you ready for school. Dhruv says saw mom today.

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Part 2

Rudra says why? Did u dream of her? Dhruv says no…saw her alive. Rudra says no…can’t be! It’s not true. Dhruv says no I did! Outside my school, and she laughed at me too. She was mom…she wore a turban…and kept her hand on my head too. Rudra says I know…she’s not your mother. Your mother is no more. I know you miss her, but she wasn’t your mom. Don’t have false hopes. Reality is, your mom is somewhere from where she can’t return.

Myrah is talking to her mom and says…Chachu exaggerates everything. I am fine. She then remembers of the security officer and says I promise that I won’t go without him. Rudra is waiting in the lobby. The waiter says she’s on an International call, please wait for her. Rudra waits. She keeps talking to her mom about the wedding…she says she wants to do something unique…and this is a beautiful place. Everything is like a picnic. Rudra gets annoyed of waiting. Myrah tells her mom that the officer was to come at 8 but I know Indian Standard Time, it’s Indian Suitable Time…but I shouldn’t be late from my end. She goes out and sees Rudra already left. She chases him…

[Love will never lie update on thursday on 10th september 2020
He turns to her and is stunned. She smiles and runs to him…Rudra gets back Paro’s memories…and every second of his time spent with her. He remembers their journey, their marriage…her death…and Myrah…on her part keeps apologizing. Rudra is unable to speak and runs away. Myrah says apologized more than 10 times, still not enough. Strange guy!

Part 3

Dhruv explains how he wished for his mother and saw her. Maithili says your mom cannot come back. Dhruv says so can’t see her ever? Maithili says no! I see her daily…in your smile, your eyes…and your laugh.

Rudra is walking in the rain, crying and remembering Paro. “Zindagi ne zindagi bhar ghum diye…” plays in BG. Rudra remembers Paro says love is strength…and we have to stay together, for ever…this is just the beginning. Rudra cries, “Why…did you do this…? She believed in you…in happiness…she knew it…and knew how to make others happy…and she made me happy…then you took her away…and now my baby…she has just a photo for her memory…don’t give him hope…when it will break…it’ll hurt. ”

Precap- Maithili asks if he is still remembering Dhruv’s illusions. Rudra says, he’s not wrong…I saw the girl today too. Dhruv is listening to her.

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