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Scene 1
Disher says to rudra to think and leave this maddness, chacha says to not this all, i will go on holidays with chachi, rudra says you all why i am doing this, dilsher says you are distroying your and her life, rudra says my life is not giving my you but my life is bsd and i can do anything for my uniform, he says i dont want to do this marriage, she also doesnt want and she will be crushed if not now then at mandap when she will see devil as groom, he says lets go for puja as it should feel like that marriage is happening in real so that she can be terrified and will say truth, he says she have to open up and if she doesnt even then this marriage will happen at any cost as that will be her punishment for not saying for her country, she will have to suffer whole life, he leaves, dilsher says he is stubborn, chacha says just like you. ‘In room, sunehri makes paro ready and says today rudra will be bowled by your beauty, chachi ask them to come fats, she walk by paro’s photo which is lying on ground but doesnt see it.

Scene 2
all comes and sit in puja along with rudra, paro comes there looking beautiful in her dress, reflection of mirror that are placed on her dress falls on rudra’s face, he looks at her and is actually bowled by her beauty. chachi says today weather is totally changed, paro comes there, chachi says groom and bride do this puja separately but as our bride stays here only so they both can do this puja together, pandit says why not as they are engaged. paro sits beside rudra and remembers rudra’s torture and how he killed varun. dilsher is about to put tilak on rudra but rudra says chachi will do it, chachi sits beside rudra and says didnt bsd told you that winning in small scuffles have no value, winning last battle holds importance, rudra says bsd told me that one should injured enemy thata much in small scuffles that he will not be able come in last bettle, chachi says

Scene 3
ganpati puja starts, chacha says i always wished that i will see your marriage but didnt thought it will be like this, he shows him sword and says its out ancestral sword given to elder son of ranwat family, it is of dilsher but he left it here, he ask to take it out, rudra takes out sword from cover, chacha says ,
but to never raise it on innocents. dilsher shows necklace to paro and says its of my wife now its yours, rudra ask what is this? dilsher says you said have to do all rituals, chachi says i am happy to see that you have her jewelry uptill now, she says my sister had good choice of jewelry, she ask pandit that as she is not here so paro will take her blessing by wearing it, rudra says no need, chachi says i didint ask you, she ask maithili to put it around paro’s neck, she makes her wear it. paro is tensed. chachi says you are looking beautiful just like my sister, rudra is angry, they sit, rudra is about to start aarti, pandit ask paro to put her hand in aarti too, she residngely puts her hand on rudra’s and does puja with him, puja is done, rudra gets up from there and leaves.

Scene 4
Rudra calls aman and says i will meet you in headquarters. chacha calls rudra’s mother and says we have to meet tonight as i have to tell you something, she says okay. In headquarter, rudra says to aman that festival is being arranged, aman says we have close eyes on who is coming in mela, rudra says tejawat is very clever he can smuggle guns in this festival so we have to keep an eye on him, aman ask why will he take risk, rudra says after barat incident he is not able to smuggle and he will come out in this mela to do his business and this time we have to catch him red haned

Scene 5
its raining heavily, chacha comes to meet rudra’s mother, she comes there and gets out of car, and greets him (face is not shown), he says i have many things to tell but most important is that your son is getting married and today dilsher gave your bahu your jewelry, after three days your son will be married, umbrella falls from her hand and she is none other than thakurain.

Scene 6
chachi ask maithili to massage her feet, maithili see photo stuck on her slippers, chachi takes her from her hands and ask maithili to leave, she sees photo and says in this she is smiling unlike in this house and she is in bridal dress but hey said that rudra and paro are only engaged, i have to ask her about this pictute.

Scene 1
Thakurain says my son is marrying, i want to see him, i want bless him, chacha says he is not ready, she ask he is not ready to meet his mother? she says you always stopped me from meeting him that when they will come in chandangarh then i can meet them, you had number of husband but he never picked up, i didnt know where they were in jaiour, i was waiting patiently but not now, i want hear his voice, Chacaha says to thakurain that its not right time to meet rudra, thakurain ask when will right time come, its been 15 years that i had seen him, i have to tell him that when i left the house, i cam back after one month to take him but his father had left with him, i am burning in this for 15 years, chacha says i will make you meet after marriage, i cant tell you how this marriage is happening, thakurain says i cant pay back what you did for me, she says i must leave now, she leaves.
In haveli, paro is taking out jewelry, she remembers how dilsher siad that its rudra’s mom jewelry, dilsher comes there, paro says i know you didn want to give me these jewelry but you had to, i am sorry, he says i should be sorry to you as all this is happening because of me, i said that you are my would be daughter in law.,
chachi comes to paro’s room and listens to dilsher saying to paro that my son is devil thats why he brought you here, to save you i lied that you are engaged to him, i shouldnt have done it, paro says you did to save me but your son, he said that they are searching for me thats why he brought me here to hide me, what lie is this, chachi smirks listening to all this. Chachi says so she lied about all this and someone is finding you, this picture is its proof

Scene 2
Thaukarian is in car, driver stop at bsd checkpost, rudra and aman are also there, amam says its tejawat’s car, rudra and aman comes car, driver is tensed. Aman open the door and ask thakurain who are you and where are you going, driver says i am taking her to haveli, aman ask who she is, driver says he is thakur’s wife, aman says we have check the car, rudra says to aman i didnt order you to talk so nicely with her, she is thakur’s wife, he says she was tensed, aman cjecks the car and says everything is fine, rudra says then why she was out at late night? aman says maybe she ahd work, thaukai,can go,eye see, go,thakur will come, paro will speak

Scene 3
Chachi throws water on sumer who is sleeping and shows him picture saying they were finding her? sumer says but she is paro, chachi ask him to remember, he remember beema giving picture to sumer, he says yes they gave me this picture and i thought she is deepika, chachi ask him to find about them, i have to bring her out to world.
Paro is going trying to take out necklace, rudra comes and ask her to stop, she is about to leave but he stops her and says when i say stop then you should stop paro, she says to not call her by this name as he has no right, rudra says now i have all rights as i am going to be your husband, he says i am broad mind so you can call me by name RUDRA but i think you like to call me DEVIL no problem, from your mouth it sounds sweet. He is about to touche her, she says not to, he touches her hairs, paro is tensed, he takes out her necklace and says you were trying this only i dont want to touch you, she is about to leave but rudra holds her hand and says i have bought bangles for my would be wife, its of your size, he sees rashes on her hand, paro says you must know size as you have hold my hand alot to strangle it, rudra looks at her. paro doesnt allow him to make her wear bangles, rudra says to allow him else bangles will break, he makes her wear and ask what gift will you give me? chachi comes there and says rudra this all looks good behind doors, rudra is naughty but paro our mami didnt tell you this, paro is about to leave but rudra stops her and make her stand behind him, rudra says its young blood and we dont do anything wrong, if someone finds it wrong then she must go in room, i thought we will be alone at this time in house but didnt know that you must be roaming here and there like ghost, she laughs and says good rudra, well i came to tell you that tomorrow is jhanki ceremony where paro’s face will be revealed to whole village your brie, she says you wanted it to be grand now see, she ask rudra to go and sleep peacefully, she leaves. Paro says to rudra you dont want me to go in this ceremony, he says yes think some idea, paro says no idea, i will go in this jhanki, she leaves, rudra is tensed.

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PRECAP- tejawat ask thakurain where she went late at night, beema says to his men to find paro at any cost, search every house. Jhanki ceremony is going on in village, rudra is walking with paro who is in net veil, thakur’s men are also there


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