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Scene 1
Sumer says God have made you in leisure time, you are dangerous. paro says to dilsher its a sine for me to think about this marriage, please stop this, i am pleading you, dilsher says rudra will handle her but why you become so agitated listening to marriage, he says dont worry everything will be fine, he says your big eyes says everything what storm is running inside you, stop them. She leaves. Sunehri comes to paro and says i am so happy that you are getting married, make a
heavy dupatta for me, maithili comes there and says chachi have sais that we should make list of guests, paro you come with me, they comes to room, paro says jija you make it yourself, maithili says my small sister has in this house and told me how to get smile, she plays same game with paro which paro did with her, paor smiles. Maithili says you call me jija then tell me what is the matter, paro says actually me and himm…we… maithili says i know, paor says you know? she says everybody knows in house, paor is stunned, maithili says this happens with many girls, engagement happens but i have seen you are afraid of rudra, this happens, i also used to think how will be smarat? will he be like my prince charming, i also used to get tensed but after marriage everything falls in place, rudra talks less but he is good, he respects you alot, stand with you, holding your hand infront of everyone, man only know how to raise hand on women but there are very less who get slap for his women, y are lucky to have him, sometime we dont understand love, way of expressing it but trust me rudra has heart and he will show it to you someday.

Scene 2
Chacha informs dilsher about decision of inquiry committee that if he is not proved innocent then he will have to face court Marshall, dlsher where he is? how much he will fight with life, this uniform is his dream, he will break, dilsher says i made him poisonous, i only put hatred all these years, people now calls him devil but he is very innocent like child, he has suffered much but this uniform gave him peace, it is his pride, his life. Rudra comes back home, all comes in hall on chachi’s call, chachi says i didnt call paro but she came to see her would be husband they are like peas and rice, cant be separated, she says congrats, rudra ask for what? she says pandit has taken out the date for your marriage, chacha says to stop all this, chachi says i am doing same, i am stopping all this living in separate rooms and all, she says butterflies must be running in rudra’s tummy, she says after 10 days there is good date fro marriage so i thought you both should get married, she says what arent you happy, your father was saying that you have problem with this marriage but when you both are then whats the problem, she says you are my nephew so i think about your marriage she says we are not forcing you but if yu are not ready for marriage then you have to tell the reason for not marrying, tell either you agree to marriage or tell reason for denying, Rudra looks at paro and comes to er, he looks in her eyes and says marriage will not be in 10 days but in 4 days, he says to paro are 4 days enough parvati? he says to chachi will it be difficult in 4 days? he himself answers that no when you can do it in 10 days then you can in 4 days too, you are my kaki and chachi and you care for society, rituals alot so now the whole responsibility of marriage is on you, dilsher tries to stop him but he says no, he says after we have very close relation, i am her nephew so will make me marry, also we dont have money for marriage so she will take everything on her shoulders as she is my kaki and chachi, chachi fumes.

Rudra says have decided… from today all resp of my wedding is on u Mohini …! Dilsher tries to explain but Rudra says… we have relationship with them… so cant we ask them to help us out? As such we dun have any money to spend on wedding…! Rudra says… Mohini has been spending time to make money while staying in this mansion …so she will happily spend on her bhatijas wedding…! He says…from needle to knife… from sugar to sweets… all …! Rudra walks holding Paros hand n stops and says. since childhood… wanted that… when i wuld get married… wuld be the grandest… ! And as such its more about u than me… so hope u wont disappoint! Rudra walks off with Paro…! Mohini-Sumer walk off as well…!Sumer tells Mohini told u earlier… ur plan is a flop… now ur stuck…! Mohini says. din dream he will say yes…! Mohini rues how did this uniformed man get so smart? Sumer rues that… the guy for whom one doesnt wanna mourn … he wants us to spend on their wedding? Paro asks Rudra what did he say? She says… Dilsher said what he did to solve an issue! Paro asks how dare u …join ur name with mine? U killed my hubby and now trying to take his place…! Got the right name for u… Jallad…! Rudra keeps mum…! Paro blocks his way n holds his shirt collar n asks how dare u? Rudra keeps mum! Paro says… talking to u … look in my eye and answer… just like u need answer to all ur question! Paro says…cant stand in same room as u… and when someone calling me ur fiancee burns my skin … then how dare u declare that u will marry me? Ur rightfully called Jallad…! Rudra says… cant tolerate? Its burning ur skin? Then admit it… admit ur crime that … the barat had guns… … admit that Tejawat is an arms dealer…! Promise u . will release u from this prison …just admit it…! Paro steps back…! Rudra says now i asked u… so answer! Paro asks… how can someone stoop so low to get their way? Paro counts that how Rudra killed her hubby … threatened her family … n now forcing me…! Rudra says… urs? U lost some… but i lost all … my entire team … my whole mission is under fire coz of u… …! But we are all jallad coz we killed those folks…! Rudra says how one of the soldiers was an only son … one a sole breadwinner of his family … n that all these people will get no credit if the mission is considered illegal…!

Part 2

Rudra says what about those whose family is BSD… what about those whose mom left them as a child …! [Rudra in tears] Rudra says… the ones who have lost faith on not only the world. but himself too…! Rudra says the one for whom BSD and its uniform is their lifes biggest relation …! Rudra says… coz of u. .me and my actions are being questioned… ! Rudra says … papers are kept on the table… … sign them… if u do… wont let the wedding happen … but if u dont. .no one can stop this wedding… n i dun care … if u burn or not…! He says… stay in a quiet corner… cribbing n cursing. .me… and regarding stooping low… for my mission . .for my men …can stoop as low as possible…! Rudra slams the pen on the table and walks off. .asking Paro to sign…!

Dilsher… Danveer … Mohini all watch Rudra storm off in the courtyard…! He looks at his reflection in drum of water and remembers the dead bodies of his men…! He splashes water on his face…! Rudra recollects the deadline given to him …regarding proving that his mission was authentic. .or he would be court martial…! Paro looks at the piece of paper … holds the pen to sign …! Paro stops …! She rues… what kind of luck do i have? If i live here… its unfair to not only my body but soul … and if i dare to run … he will set the whole village on fire! Dilsher asks wont u sign then? Paro says am honest … so why should i do anything wrong? I know all this is a lie… ! Dilsher asks… what about marriage? Paro says will kill myself but wont marry that Jallad …!
Part 3

Sumer says … Rudra is true… they must be fiancee… n hence agreed to marry each other…! Mohini says its all fake… why do u accept all this? She points to a worried looking Paro – Dilsher and says that there is some secret… all this is fake…! Mohini says… he is my bhatija after all …cant think straight! Sumer agrees! Mohini says… do something… .go get some background details of Paro … n till u get the details… dun return…! Sumer asks how will i stay outside? Mohini says u have to … and remember we have only 4 days…!Sumer is drinking … n rues about how Rudra divided the family … Paro came from his room … n they are getting married …then why is he suffering? His friends ask … what? Sumer explains …! The friends ask name of the girl n Sumer is about to say Pa … n stops …! Tejawats men overhear the convo n are alert…! Sumer says… Paro says she is from Jaipur … but Mohini says its a lie…! Aman asks Rudra will marriage work? Rudra says … yes… n its working … she doesnt fear death but me …! Rudra tells Aman to keep an eye on Tejawat…! He says. … next 4 days will decide our destiny … Tejawats … Paro’s … and our enemies…!Sumer excuses to go to loo and Tejawats men stop him n ask if he knows about some girl of his village who is missing…! They show pic to Sumer. .n he says. .i have seen her…!

Precap —-Rudra tells Paro if she has signed or they will be getting married in 4 days…! Paro asks Rudra what kind of girl he wants to marry? The silent types or the chatter-box type? Rudra stops in his tracks…!


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