Rangrasiya update on wednesday 9th september 2020 on joy prime

Scene 1


sumer is talking on call and says that I made company of shtabdi pickle, shtabdi comes there and says my father gave you 30 lacs and gave you idea to make this company, she sees sumer eating pickle of mohini’s company, she says now it time to make you come in senses, she takes ut belt to beat him, their daughter koyal comes there and says what are you doing, shtabdi says that whya re you clothes like your grandmother, koyal ask why you are fighting? shtabdi says go out, you are a kid, she says i six and half years old, means 7 years, shtabdi says why are clothes like mohini, koyal walks and talks like mohini and says that i will have a photoshoot today, shtabdi ask what photoshoot? koyal says nothing, nothing, actually i was saying about dhruv’s birthday, she leaves.
rudra and dhruv are giving water to plants, rudra says your mother told me that we will plant a rose plant when dhruv will born so that plant and dhruv will grow together, dhruv tries to pluck rose, rudra says what else she told, dhruv says she told to pluck rose carefully otherwise you will be hurt by prick.n koyal comes and says that every year dhruv and his father gifts rose to kaki(paro). she wishes dhruv birthday.

Scene 2
rudra looks at paro’s pic and puts rose on it, he lifts dhruv and dhruv looks at paro, koyal comes and says dhruv chocolate cake has come for you, sorry it was surprise, they go out, rudra says to paro’s pic that i don’t know how good father i am but i cant fill your place, he gets a call=, person says that are you major ranawat, rudra says no i left bsd job, i am rudra pratap only, i run security services company, man says i need to talk about it.
in hall, dhruv greets danveer and mohini, Maithili comes to put candles on cake, koyal says that i will put, i know to put 7 candles, they put, dhruv says 1st i will make a wish before cutting cake, rudra recalls how paro also asked rudra to wish before cutting cake, dhruv cuts cake and makes rudra eat it 1st, rudra wishes him birthday, dhruv makes Maithili it then, Maithili feeds him too, dhruv goes to see gifts, koyal is disturbing shtabdi, Maithili ask her to go to dhruv and sees the gifts, koyal goes, shtabdi says only you can handle this storm(koyal), Maithili gives cake to shtabdi but mohini takes it, shtabid orders sumer to give her cake, mohini sasy don’t work like her servant, bring juice for me, sumer is crushed between them.

Scene 3
koyal goes to dhruv and ask about his mom, he says my mother is not with us, koyal says that i am sorry, dhruv says i know mom is not with us but we can find some girl like my mother, koyal ask how.
on car stops, the girl comes out, driver says don’t go out madam, lets go to hotel, girl ask him to shut up. Maithili tells dhruv that your mother had beautiful eyes and innocent eyes. the girl is maayra(modern version of paro) wearing western outfit(top and shorts). she shouts that somebody stole her purse, Maithili tells dhruv that your mother used to cry on small things, maayra says to driver that i will run behind hteif, she starts running behind him, Maithili tells dhruv that your mother was so innocent that she couldn’t hurt anyone, she used to be so sweet and cant see anyone in pain. maayra on otherside catches thief and takes her purse, she throws thief in dirty water, she takes his pictures and laughs, koyal ask Maithili did she use to wear ghagras, Maithili says she was so delicate and never used to get angry. koyal ask dhruv do you think your wish will come true, dhruv says hope so.Mayra says welcome to udaypur Mayra and what a entry, i like it.maayra takes pictures with rajistani women

Scene 4
maayra is her hotel, her uncle(chahcha) calls her and says i told you that this place is not safe, don’t ignore my talks, maayra says that this place is so antique, here everything is so good, uncle says that you wanted to get married in India but why udaypur, you could have chosen dehli and Mumbai but no, you know this place is not safe for you, Mayra says that you chose groom for me by yourself, i mean i know rohit(groom) but i will decide venue and it will be here, uncle says that you know are daughter of minister, you are from influential family and you are roaming in that city, Mayra doesn’t pay much attention, he says that i have hired a guard for you, she says no it will be boring, he says i don’t know its for your safety.
mohini sees here and there in hall and starts giving different poses to take pictures with gift, sumer ask her what are you doing with gift, whats in it? shtabdi comes and ask sumer to make koyal ready for school, its your turn today, mohini says that in this box, i have new packaging of my pickle box, she says that this packaging have my picture, now i will be more famous, eat spicy pickle of spicy mohini, sumer sees the packaging and says you are looking very black in this pic, mohini sees the jar and finds her picture in negative shade and whole black, shtadi makes fun of her, mohini says that you did it, shtabdi says i don’t have time for all this, she brings her pickle jar and shows her good picture on jar, mohini fumes and runs behind sumer saying that you would have told her my idea nad she stole it, sumer says pardon me, i didn’t tell her, mohini thinks if sumer didn’t tell her then who told her.

Scene 5
rudra is getting ready to go to office and ask dhruv to get up, he ask dhruv to wake up, Maithili comes and ask rudra to tickle him, rudra just shakes his head, dhruv gets up and says why did you wake me up, i was seeing a very good dream, i was in park and mom was sitting with me in swing, rudra gets sad and goes from there, dhruv says sorry dad.

PRECAP- maayra wears rajhistani embodied hat, dhruv is there too, she ask him how do she look in indain hat, dhruv is shocked to see her face and says mummy, maayra ask what, he says mummy… maayar is stunned