Rangrasiya Updates On Thursday 13th May 2020 On Joy Prime


Scene 1
Laila says never ever try to love someone else i will become biting lady ten dancing lady, rudra says i will call you for cloths and next time put less salt in sabzi, laila says th is animal.
In haveli, thakurain is thinking whether paro got saved in that bomb blast, she listen to the man who says i saw paro to tejawat’s servant but servant says go from here, thukarain comes there and says how you know paro? he says sometime paro and bindi crossed from my farm and broke my water jug so i know her, thakurain says i believe you but just bring some evidence of what you are saying, she gives him money and says not to tell this to anybody, she prays that paro is alive.

Scene 2
In rana’s home its dark, someone is sneaking in, rudra comes home. someone falls on person sleeping on floor and they both scream. its paro who is sleeping, she gets up afraid and doesnt see the other as they have their back to each other they were about to see each other but rudra comes and takes the other girl out, he ask who are you? chacha comes and says he is rudra, she says rudra bhaisa how are you? i am sunehri, rudra doesnt react, she says you still have cut on your head which you got while fighting with sumer, she ask why are you angry and why these ropes. and who was that girl inside? rudra says to go away. Chacha ask what you were doing in this room, sunehri says i made murabba (sweet dish) and placed in this room because sunlight comes here, rudra says i will give wait here, he goes inside and switch on the light, he says where is murabba, paro sees tha jar and takes it, while giving to rudra jar is about to fall because of loose sleeves but rudra holds tha jar and ask her to be careful, he looks at her wearing his cloths, paro is shy.
Rudra comes out and gives her jar, she says i got it but where is your smile did you forget it inside, rudra looks at her angrily, chacha says lets go sleep. Rudra comes inside paro ask did she got afraid? i screamed suddenly. rudra says to sleep. They lie on their respective place(RR reprise version plays). Both are unable to sleep and keep changing their positions. paro looks at rudra and he also looks at her.

Scene 3
Samrat comes to DIL, who is crying and says to forgive me, samrat says for what. he says i hope this deal get finalized i dont want to hurt masa, DIL says everything will be good, she informs that tomorrow is Havan, he ask for what? she says for us, he gets angry and says not for us but for kids, we have gone to many mandirs, taken many medicines, why dont she leave us alone, maithali ask him to be calm and she desire to become dadi, he says is it our fault that she is dadi, maithali says there is not fault of anyone, samrat leaves angrily.
Outside sumer is talking on phone to someone that give me 6 months and i will give havli papers, i have to talk to maa, he says i have given you my tongue so i will sale this haveli and papers are with me. after call ends he thinks to take papers from rudra’s room
In morning, chachi is preparing for havan and ask sumer to go and bring pandit, she taunts maithali and ask her to make tea for sumer.

Scene 4
Rudra wakes up and sees paro sleeping peacefully on floor, he looks at her little surprised, he goes to get fresh, because of noise paro too wakes up, she prays to God and her eyes falls on her bridal ghagra which is falling out of cupboard. she takes it out and places it in cupboard, her shirt get stuck in door of cupboard she tries to take it out, rudra comes and ask what are you doing here, he comes forward paro moves backward, he ask her to take a side, paro is not able to say anything, he pulls her to side but she bumps in him, they both look at each other(RR plays), she says its stuck, rudra holds her sleeve and pulls it, sleeve get torn, rudra looks stunned while paro is extremely shy, looks down and hides by placing her hand on torn peace.

Scene 1
Rudra is about to go, paro says need needle and thread, rudr ask what? she says you did it now you have to make it right, rudra looks angrily and leaves. outside sunehri ask rudra did you slept peacefully in night? rudra comes to her and ask for needle and thread. she ask why? he says to not question and give it, she leaves.
In headquarter, samrat says too rudra that i want you to allow workers in house, its our house and we need to do our business rightly. Rudra says not our house but just a house and its my house as its on my father’s name. you should thank God that i just put a rope in house, not tied you all and throw you out, samrat ask what is this way to talk, chacha ask samrat to go out, he leaves. chacha ask rudra is there something in your room that you want to hide from everyone, rudra says who are you ask me this, you are elder and i dont want to say something bad so leave. he goes out where samrat cribs about his silence.

Scene 2
Havan starts in home, chachi sees rana and says to chacha that i concoted stories to panditji about this rope, i dont know why they came back, one more havan should be done for them to leave. Rana comes in paro’s room. she ask tea? he says make it. Outside pandit ask sunehri spread this smoke in whole house so that happiness prevails here, senehri starts dreaming about prince charming and goes. she comes outside of paro’s room, chachi calls her so she put plate which is emitting smoke outside the door, she leaves. rana inside start choking because of smoke, paro ask where is your pump? he takes out from his pocket but it falls, paro tries to find it and opens the door of room and screams to help him he is choking, chacha runs to rana and takes him to hall, he makes him sit and ask for inhaler. paro shouts its here, she comes out running and face chachi. all are stunned to see her, paro too is stunned, chachi ask who are you that come out suddenly from smoke?. she doesnt answer, sumer says i think she cant speak she is dumb, paro says i am… sunehri says you were there yesterday? chacha remembers how he had seen her in hospital and how he asked her to put gun down from rudra. He ask paro to go inside. chachi says no she should answer who she is, wearing cloths of rudra. she ask rana could you tell who is she is? she says so this is why he came here, but this is a respected house and i have a daughter of her age and a son too, and rudra is doing such things. Sumer says so he used to this behind his locked room, thats why he put curfew in this house. chachi says call police we will hand her over to them. Sumer sas why to call police we will throw her out, he is about to grab her but rana stops him and pushes him back with his crutches, he says stop it,
She is my daughter in law. chachi, paro and all are stunned. He says she is my would be daughter in law, she is rudra’s fiance. Chachi ask whats her name. rana coughs as he doesnt know it, she says does her is cough? he looks at paro, paro says my name is parvati, he looks back at chachi angrily. rana says to chacha to make your wife remember that there should be respect while talking to elders, cahchi says respect,
rana says everyone listen from today if anybvody try to throw my DIL out then i will be very bad, he says she was in difficult situation so we hide her here so that she will be safe and now if anybody have to say anything then he should put break on his/her tongue. He ask paro to go inside. chachi tries to say something, rana says enough, all leave from there.

PRECAP- rana says too cahchi that from now onwards nobody should bother parvati, chachi says i have one question what was that difficult situation that she had to share room with her would be husband, paro listens to it and is tensed while rudra too listens to it and is stunned.


I like this movie very much


@Vincentv2 which episode is this?

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