Reasons Why Messi’s Better Than Ronaldo

Do you know that aside from Messi being technically much gifted, much discipline, having many International records, winning more individual awards, having better passing skills, being a better team player, being able to defend better, and being 3× more creative than Ronaldo, he is also a better goalscorer than Ronaldo?

Check Messi and Ronaldo’s all-time career goals:

  • Ronaldo: 801 goals and 228 assists in 1,095 appearances
  • Messi: 756 goals and 318 assists in 948 appearances
  • Hat-tricks: Ronaldo 58; Messi 55
  • Career goal ratio: Ronaldo 0.73; Messi 0.80
  • Penalties: Ronaldo 142 (28 missed); Messi 101 (29 missed

Messi all the way

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