Rufus- Create a flash file from the ISO file

Rufus- Create a flash file from the ISO file


If you want to install Windows or Linux instead of a CD or DVD through your flash disk, Rufus is the name of a 16px application that helps to format and create bootable USB drives. If you have already downloaded Windows or other operating systems, it’s written in the installation tutorial that you can burn it then install it or use the software to install Windows on USB Flash Copy and install. With this software, you can build a bootable and install it through it.

The most important difference between Rufus software and other software is the speed of this program! In the Rufus software, simply select the USB drive path and give the ROOF ISO file a bootable file. Our recommendation is to use at least one 8GB flash drive. Rufus download is portable or portable and does not require installation.

Rufus Portable is a USB formatting utility that also can create a bootable USB drive using a bootable ISO image. This app requires admin rights.


Rufus ARM64.exe

Rufus ARM.exe