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Rachna cries as everyone had gathered in the hall. Prabhu asks what has happened. Gunjan and Mayank were also skeptical. Rachna asks them to talk to her; she asks her mom and Bauji for the apology. She says I was going to tell you people tomorrow. Shayl asks what? That you were betraying us, a mother knows looking at the face of the child if she is lying; you broke our trust. When we taught you to lie, we trusted you and you returned us with this. Gunjan asks shayl what has happened. Bauji tells her to ask her sister where she was this late at night. Gunjan now asks Rachna, she says she knows her sister can’t be wrong. Bauji tells her not to take her side. Everyone asks Rachna. KT comes there with his Dadi and says I will tell you the truth. He comes to Bauji and says I came here so that you people don’t consider Rachna as wrong. He asks them apology for what happened, he says we haven’t done any such thing for which you people have to be ashamed. He says we were celebrating my birthday, there was a raid and we got trapped. Bauji tells him to stop and asks Rachna he want to hear from her why she went out at night with him. Rachna says that she loves KT. KT says I love her too. Bauji says you have gone mad, do you know how much difference you have in the ages. He recalls that this is going on when that news of accident took place? KT says that he apologize for breaking his trust. He says he fought to resist but love won and he loves Rachna. Dadi says to Shayl that she agrees this must have shocked you, but they love each other and you people know Nanha. Shayl says that we do not know him now, we trusted her a lot. Rachna says he didn’t do anything wrong. Bauji tells her not to take his side. Gunjan says that KT is a good man; we must also trust Rachna’s choice. Bauji says that right now what I understand is that Rachna wont step out of the house; and tells her to go into her room. Dadi asks what they are doing. What is the problem? Bauji says there is a problem, who doesn’t know about Nanha’s mother? Her son had to be a few steps afar his mom. Dadi shouts him to stop that he should recall the past. Bauji says that the truth never changes. KT shouts Mr.Garg! He closes his fist, and asks him politely that he should not bring his mom in between the matter. Bauji says that it is about our daughter, we have no relation with your family. KT says that whatever he is, he is because of himself. Shayl shouts that he has no right to speek to Bauji like this. KT says alright, he and Rachna didn’t do anything wrong, and if they don’t consider it its not his mistake. He takes Dadi along him. Bauji tells Rachna to go into her room and she wont step out of the house.

KT thinks how Shayl says that he betrayed him, and Bauji blamed his mother. he throws his coat in anger and his belongings on the floor, crying hard. He asks why you came into my life, made it beautiful and why you made me not able to live without you. Why?

Rachna calls KT, but his call phone was in his coat. She says why you are angry to me; I want to talk to you. Gunjan takes Rachna’s cell phone and asks what this craziness is. She says I will jeep your phone from now on. Shayl was also watching them. As she moves on, Gunjan closes the door; she says I did this to save you, otherwise you must have lost the phone. Why didn’t you tell me? Rachna says you were in the village, and I was about to tell all tomorrow. Gunjan says there were problems in my and Mayank’s love story as well. Mayank also comes there and they both promises that they are with her. Gunjan says she will bring her smile back. Rachna hugs her.

KT looks at the photos of his mother and thinks what Bauji said about his mom. He recalls what he remember of his mother in childhood and her leaving. He says that you never came back, but your name also took everything from me. I want nothing from you. He tears all the letters and the photos and burns them. Dadi comes to him, and says that she didn’t let her shadow be on him; he shouldn’t consider himself wrong as he will never be like her. His Dadi gets worried watching him worried. KT wipes his tears.

Bauji and Shayl are in the room, he says that their daughter has grown so much that she stopped being true to us. Shayl cries that she had some doubts. Bauji says still you didn’t ask her, but now we won’t let her ruin herself more. Mayank asks Gunjan if someone came for breakfast, she says no and tells him he has no mood of breakfast. He tells her to go and ask everyone to come but she says she will take care of it. She says Rachna is her sister as well; she will take care of everything at home. He tells her it is his last day as he is giving resignation today. She says bye to him. When he comes to the office, GS was there and asks him to come in. Mayank hands him his resignation letter. GS reads the letter and says that you must be joking as the contract says that you will have to submit a 25 lacs fine if you think about leaving the job. He asks Charu if they should let him go, she nods. He says that you are free to go. Mayank was about to go, GS reminds him about his ex-wive’s birthday. Mayank wishes Mrs. Segal. GS invites him with his wife to the party in the evening. Mayank says I am sorry but I don’t want to come to the party. GS says that they must keep his farewell party along and he will sign his resignation letter there, he asks Charu if she will like that Mayank come with his wife. She says yes.

Gunjan brings everyone to the breakfast table and tells everyone to start the breakfast. Everyone was quiet, their moods off. She serves everyone with the parathas. Shayl leaves the table; Gunjan stops her and asks her not to leave the meal this way. We should sometime accept what the things are. Bauji says that neither we are happy with what is going on, now will we accept them today or ever. Rachna comes there. She says mummy, papa! I feared this reaction and this is why I was unable to tell you the truth, otherwise we would not have lied; but it is true I and KT love each other. I promise I won’t do anything that you people don’t allow. Bauji asks will she leave meeting and talking to him. Rachna says that I will do as you say. She leaves the table crying, Gunjan goes after her. Seema comes to Shayl and says that Rachna is a grown up, we must not be very strict to her. Prabhu also agrees with Seema, that we have to be their friends at one time and in the end we want their happiness and that is it. Shayl says to Dayal that she thinks Prabhu is right; we must talk to Rachna with cool mind and KT too.

Mayank comes to his room. Gunjan was also lost in some thoughts. He comes and asks has everyone being normal. Gunjan says that Bauji is angry, will take sometime and Rachna is ready to sacrifice. She asks did he give the resignation. He was quiet. She asks is there another problem, he tells her everything. He says you don’t need to go the party, you should stay at home. Gunjan says I want to stay with Rachna but I cant let you go to the party alone, I will come to the party; afterall I need to meet Charu and see what she is cooking.

Charu and GS comes to the party hand in hand, Gunjan and Mayank also come there. Mayank says that he want the signatures on the resignation letter as soon as possible. Charu and Gunjan confront each other. Gunjan recalls all the times with her. Charu comes to greet her, and whispers in her ears to take Mayank away from here before GS does something to him. Gunjan says thanks for it. GS comes to greet them and says Good Evening Mr. Garg, its good you came here. Mayank says you should sign that resignation as soon as possible. GS asks won’t he introduce him to his wife, and holds hands for her. She takes it but he isn’t ready to leave. She points at someone and gets rid of his hand. He comments that she is smart. He takes Mayank along him and calls for a drink. Mayank resists but he tells her to do what he tells him to do. Mayank gets the drink. GS announces appreciation for Mr. and Mrs. Garg and asks for a special cheers. Gunjan says that you are a bad husband as it is his wife’s birthday today, the cheers must be for her. Everyone shouts to ask mam cut the cake. Charu cuts the cake and he eats it. He takes a ring for her and puts it in her ring and kisses her. Mayank again comes to them and asks him to sign the resignation. GS tells Charu to dance with Mayank giving him a special good-bye and pushes her. She goes to Mayank and they both begin to dance. Mayank looks at Gunjan at all the time, GS offers Gunjan for dance, and she comes to the ramp. GS begins touching her in a false manner; she gets rid of him and slaps him on face telling him not to misbehave with her again.

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PRECAP: Shayl watches a boy going towards the road while playing. KT comes driving and in a quest to save him he hits Shayl.


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