Chaya says to Rachna that her mom has ended all that she has been thinking. She has forbidden to consider a proposal of someone 28 years of age, and KT is older than 30. Rachna says she kept a fast of teej for him as well and was about to tell the family. Chaya asks why she has been doing all the ‘aunty type’ practices, she is just 19. They both should spend time together, and get to know about each other. First, be his girlfriend, and then do all that couples do together; life after marriage is boring.

Mayank comes to the office; Sheetal tells him there is no meeting today. He looks at Charu in her office, shouting at some staff members, she then holds her head and talks to someone on phone. He thinks about Gunjan then goes to her room. She wipes her tears. He asks if she is alright, she was sobbing. She says everything returns to you, what I did to you people is coming back to me. GS comes to the office. Mayank gives her a glass of water that slips from her hand. She tells him to clean his clothes with her cabin’s washroom towel. GS enters the cabin, throws the file, and asks why she didn’t complete her work. He asks her why she didn’t complete her work; he had to listen so much from the client. He sees the glass and asks who came into the cabin. She stammers and says no one came in here. He tells her not to consider him a fool, kisses her hand and says I own you. He pushes her while going and she is hit on the forehead by the chair. Mayank comes out and asks why he always behaves like this to her. She tells him to leave her cabin right now. But he applies an ointment on her forehead, she asks her to go again. While going, Mayank asks that he is an employee here and why does she hide his being in her boss’s office. She says he won’t understand this. He says that I don’t want you to hide anything from him any further.

The head, Vikram and Rahul were standing as the laborer dig the hole. The head says that if they don’t find gold today, he will be killed. Gunjan and Chiraya hid behind the soil dump. The laborer finds a gold bangle, they were all relieved. Rahul points a thumb-up to Gunjan which Vikram notices. He tells his men to see who he pointed to, the go and say there is no one there. The laborers find a huge stone while digging, the head looks at Rahul. He says what they will get by cheating him.
Rahul says that it will take a long time, keeping on digging. He suggests they must call a digging machine, but it takes electricity. The head says electricity will come to the village. They all cheer up. Gunjan says it was all about getting the electricity, there is no jewelry.
Rachna gets KT’s text that he is leaving for Allahabad to meet a client. She thinks about how she will spend her day without him.

Mayank rings the bell and thinks why Charu called him home with the file. Charu asks him what he will take. He says I won’t take anything, you just sign the document so that I leave. She asks did he take lunch and says she made Malai-Kofta he loves to eat. He doesn’t reply, she says it is not forced upon him. he may only take a coffee and goes to get it. He tells her to say a servant but she says she is not feeling well so the servant has left to take medicines and she is alone at home. She turns around to leave but fells on the ground.
Rachna sees a stroller and thinks KT must have taken it along, she tries but his number was switched off, she thinks Allahabad isn’t far away but if she tells truth to her mom, she won’t let her go. Shayl comes to her room and says Seema isn’t feeling well, she must look after the home.

A man comes to ask KT if he is ready for a presentation. He says yes, he gets Rachna’s call. He says don’t you know I am busy, she says couldn’t you call. What if I had an accident or fallen ill. He says you are being lame, I will call you later.
Mayank brings Charu to the hospital in a wheelchair. There Shayl and Seema come to the hospital too. The doctor checks Charu, as Seema wasn’t feeling well Shayl goes to reception again. The doctor tells Mayank, she is fine just had low BP, but for the safe side, he is giving her wife some tests to take. Mayank tries to explain that she isn’t his wife but the doctor doesn’t listen. Seema and Shayl watch them together, leaving.
The nurse calls from behind that those husbands and wife left their watch here. Seema asks the nurse what was the problem with that lady. She tells her she was feeling dizzy, maybe she is pregnant. Seema and Shayl are shocked…
His head says to engineer that there must not be electricity fluctuation because we have lots of precious machinery at home. Rahul asks till where the electricity lines will go? He points at a boundary. Rahul asks why not behind that, the engineer says that the electricity will get to the whole village this way. Rahul whispers in head’s ear that it is good in one way, we don’t know till where have they dug the gold. The head laughs and orders to get the lines afar. Rahul thinks this is all because of Gunjan, thank you!.

KT finds the stroll in his dresses as he was preparing the dummy. He thinks he should have brought Rachna along, she remembers everything. He thinks about calling her, but her number was unreachable. The clients arrive, and ask if everything is ready, shall we start the presentation. She notices KT’s nervousness, as he looks at the incomplete dress. He thinks that without the stroll this dress will be rejected, we must tell them this is incomplete. Someone drapes the stroll over the dummy; the client looks at it and exclaims wow! She goes to see it. Rachna appears from behind the dummy. The client says they always heard about their work, today they saw it too. KT smiles looking at Rachna, he goes to thank the client and introduces her to Rachna-his assistant. The client leaves satisfied. Chaya brings both their attention out of each other and says the weather is changing.
Mayank and Charu come home; they are shocked to see GS. He asks where she had gone. Mayank was about to explain but she stops him. He remarks it seems you hear less these days. He says till today, no employee came to our home, how he came here. Mayank says he wanted to take signatures from Charu. He asks Charu? Mayank corrects himself by saying Charu mam. GS asks where the file is. Charu says she had already called the file home; Mr. Mayank is here to collect it. They met in the way so came home together. GS asks is it that you both know each other from the past. Charu asks we just met in the office for the first time, why do you think so. GS tells her to sign and leaves to attend the call. Mayank asks why she lied to him when he told him not to. She says he doesn’t know her husband and must leave before he comes again to inquire.

KT asks Rachna which lie she told. She says she wanted to see him, so came here; and it hadn’t been so long. KT says very smart, what about your family. Chaya laughs, he asks why are you laughing and why did you bring her here. She says what I could do when you she wanted to meet you. KT scolds her that what lies will she tell at home. Rachna gets Shayl’s call, she tells her Chaya had a 102oC fever, she had to come to see her. Shayl says I will send you Bauji, Rachna says I will come home alone. Rachna says it is alright, when Chaya is well I will call you then you must send Bauji. As the phone disconnects, Rachna says see how much I have to lie for you. KT is angry, Chaya also tells him to calm down as everyone lies in love, but KT tells them to go along with him just now. Rachna tells him to finish his work, but instead, he scolds her and tells them both to come along him.
The villagers had all gathered as the engineers worked for the electricity. Rahul tells them to switch on the lights for the Birpur residents. The engineer pushes the switch on but there comes no light. He checks the connections, they weren’t working. People were dis-hearted. Rahul goes to check the connection by himself.
The head and Vikram waited for someone, the engineer’s car come. The head thinks once there is electricity in the village I will take up all the gold by myself.
Rahul gets through the fault; he connects the wires and pushes the switch on. All the bulbs light up. The villagers celebrate. The head calls Rahul for digging. The digging machine starts it work. There the people celebrate, distributing sweets. The engineers apply a machine. Gunjan looks at Mayank’s picture, Chiraya comes there teasing Gunjan, they both play. The engineers announce that further digging will bring out water. The head recalls Gunjan’s promise that she will bring electricity in the village; and Rahul accompanying him. He orders the engineers to stop and points a gun to Rahul saying he was making fool of him and wanted to get electricity in the village. Rahul kneels down, saying he has nothing to do with the heads betterment. Gunjan thinks she must go to Rahul now, his life in danger.

Gunjan talks to the authorities. She tells Chiraya that the head himself will get the toilets in each house here, his higher authorities will pressurize him for this.


The head points the gun to Rahul. Gunjan comes in a shawl and kneels down saying it is all because of your head, had you not been here, there must be no electricity. All the women gather and hoot for the head. Gunjan and Chiraya point at Rahul to leave the place. The head shouts that though it was late, it was the best; I worry for you people so much that I brought electricity for you. Chiraya tells Gunjan that he is boasting about it, Gunjan says in one way he just brought the electricity. Gunjan covers her face and says thanks to the head. He leaves. Gunjan now tells Chiraya that now the toilets project it left, the head will also do it by himself. Rahul asks what did she think about it. Gunjan tells them to wait for it till tomorrow… #Supremo_GYIM_IKE

Mayank comes home; Seema and Shayl were looking at him quietly. Mayank asks why are you looking at me like this, is Gunjan alright. Seema gives Charu’s watch to him. Mayank asks what did I do for which I have to clarify. Seema and shayl ask what is this all going on that you registered Charu as your wife in the hospital. Mayank tells them about the job and her home incident. He says what you people are thinking is wrong, it’s my new job and my boss is Charu and we only have a professional relationship. Seema tells him to leave the job, Mayank says that this job has good salary, and my professional profile will get better. You trust me. Shayl asks what when Gunjan will know. He says Gunjan already know. Seema says that whenever she has been in his life there have been problems, he says this time nothing will happen, and if it does we will solve it together. Bauji says that we believe you but not her. He tells him to go and rest and assures everyone to relax.
KT and Rachna argues in the car that she isn’t still a child to do such stupidity. Chaya laughs sitting on the back seat. Shayl tries but can’t connect to Rachna. Sangeeta tells her to call Chaya. Chaya’s mom tells Shayl that it’s been months that Rachna came and Chaya is also perfectly well. Shayl was taken aback at Rachna’s lie. KT stops the car for Rachna, and says bye. She looks around and enters the house. Shayl was standing in front, Rachna was nervous. She asks mummy you still awake. Shayl comes nearer and asks how is Chaya. Rachna says she has been perfectly fine, she came here just when she got ready. Shayl is worried why is she lying.

Charu calls Mayank and tells him to come soon; she was crying and asks Mayank to come or GS will do something to her. She says its ok, she understands he might not be able to come so urgently. He comes to her home, Charu was sitting on floor, crying. He asks what these marks on her arms are, she cries. He brings him up to sofa and gives her a glass of water. She tells him that it is all her mistake, she thought of starting a life again but this isn’t a marriage but a vicious circle I can’t come out of. He suggests she should complain the police; she hugs and says GS will kill her. GS enters. He comes and asks that in my house, this all is going on. Why you brought your lover home, Charu says you are taking it wrong. He shouts and says I asked you if you both know each other, but you people lied. He throws Mayank and Charu’s wedding pictures to them and says I know it all. He says this is your ex-husband. Charu says that it is nothing like that. GS says he knows a lot more, why he has been in her cabin. Mayank asks him to let him explain but he shouts at him to be shut up…

He warns Mayank that is he forgetting he is already married, and you are running an affair with my wife. Mayank says whatever it was was past, and I met her when I joined your company. He shouts Shut up; and holds Charu’s face and warns her to wait and watch. He leaves inside. Charu tells Mayank to go while she herself runs inside.
Gunjan and Rahul come to the offices in changed get up. She says that we have come from home ministry and wants to check all the details of expenditures. The man leaves to bring the file; Gunjan orders them to bring two coffees. Gunjan tells Rahul that they will al tleast come to know that what amount has been sanctioned for Birpur. She gets the records. Rahul says that lacs of rupees have been sanctioned for the village, and the records say that the toilets have even been made…
In the village, Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya come to the location where toilets should have been.

They say there is nothing over here; they are just making fool of us. Chiraya asks what we will do next. Gunjan asks that if something is stolen from you, where you will go. The police officer asks what got stolen from you people. Gunjan tells them that their toilets have been stolen; all the police men laugh. Gunjan says that it is written in the official papers that toilets are there, but they are not; have they not been stolen. The police man says that they aren’t fool to enter such an F.I.R. Gunjan tells him to be ready for facing what comes to him as he is denying his duty. The women stood and hooted the appreciation for the minister. He comes and asks why they are appreciating him. Gunjan says we came here to say thank you to you for getting the toilets made at Birpur. Gunjan invites him to come for the inauguration. All the women buck him up. He agrees and tells his secretary that tomorrow they will come to Birpur to inaugurate. DM comes to the head and tells him that the minister is coming here to inaugurate the toilets, where are the toilets and what will they inaugurate. Vikram and his father get worried. The DM says it has all been done by that Gunjan. DM tells them to decide first what they must do for the minister to come. The head says that the only way is to get it made within one night. They labourer works at the night, the head thinking this would the minister will never know. Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya peeked from behind the tree. Gunjan was worried that if the toilets are made, minister wont get to know about the head’s true face. The labourers apologized that they won’t be able to complete it till morning. The head deters them to kill the men, but the walls of the toilets get smashed. Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya laughs, Chiraya hugs Rahul but gets separated as Gunjan looks at them. Gunjan takes a leave, Chiraya also leave.

In the morning, the head is nowhere to be seen, though the arrangements of the toilet inauguration are complete. He arrives and comes to stage; he notices that there are no toilets. He asks Gunjan, she tells him that it is written in the files that the toilets have been made, but where are they. The minister asks the DM. The head and Vikram come and announces that the toilets are just here. The head comes and greets the minister, he then points to Vikram. Vikram whistles and the trucks standing there get aside revealing the prepared toilets. Gunjan and fellows were shocked; Gunjan thinks where they were made. The DM asks how did you like our toilets, we are the true savers of this region. The minister goes to cut the ribbon, but all at once the walls fell down. The minister asks what is this? Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya appear from behind the walls. The DM says that this girl has made our lives difficult; the head says that this girl damaged the public toilets. The minister asks what do you want Gunjan. She says she wants the betterment of this village, that is why I have come here leaving my house but you have seen the condition here, there is no electricity and toilets though they are mentioned in the office records, the respect of women isn’t safe also. The minister ends the heads and DM’s game and tells the inspector to take them along. The minister appreciates Gunjan and promises her that in one week there will be electricity and toilet. He says that what lacks here is that there needs to be a good leader, why don’t you fight for the minister’s seat. Gunjan says that she isn’t from the village and has a lot more responsibility, but she can nominate someone for the head; she takes Chiraya’s name. The minister announces that do they think Chiraya can be the head? They all say yes. The minister announces that the next election will be fought by Chirya. They all hug her.
Rachna is sad in her room, as she thinks about the lie she told her mom. She was crying and calls KT. She says that she want to say something to him. He asks are you crying, she changes her tone and says that she want to wish him his birthday tomorrow. Maybe her family wont let her meet him after they tell them. KT tells her to think again, she says she has think about it and gives him the address of a resturant. Shayl overhears her and thinks she must catch her red handed.

Rachna and KT dance together in the restaurant. The police comes and hand-cuff them all as they heard there is drug trafficking going on. Shayl and Bauji comes there…



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