Sista Afia makes peace with Freda Rhymz in stunning new photos

Famous female rappers, Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz have smoked the peace pipe following the beef between the two musicians along with Eno Barony a few months ago.

Early last May 2020, the two rappers were on each other’s throats, throwing punches at each other at the least opportunity they got.

The beef which began with Eno Barony, Sista Afia, and Freda Rhymz took a focus and remained on Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz after they got into a physical confrontation at Tv3 premises.

After that incident, the two rappers have not been seeing eye to eye and have occasionally clashed on Twitter.

However, per the photo sighted on each of the two celebrities’ twitter page, it can be confirmed that they have finally ended the beef.

They have decided to forgive each other for the admiration of their fans and the general public.

Sista Afia shared a photo of herself and Freda, wearing matching red long sleeves with black tight shorts, on twitter to announce their newfound friendship. I guess their fans couldn’t be any happier as at this moment.

Freda Rhymz also posted the same photo and went further to apologize to Sista Afia for causing her pain.

I’m sorry for causing you pain sis,thanks for the love & support! When should we drop this???” Freda Rhymz stated.


Hmmm :grinning:

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