Special Ghanaian indigenous Lifestyle everybody must follow to stay healthy

Every adult is supposed to take two liters of water every day. It is necessary for easy digestion and circulation. This will keep you fit.

Beans when it is half cooked, add unripe pawpaw peel, and slice it into pieces and add
crayfish. Add the unripe pawpaw to porridge, garden egg sliced, and cook with yam porridge.

Don’t overcook vegetables, 3 to 4 minutes is enough. This effectively gives blood to the body. Children should be given at least, one egg a week.

Provide time to stay with your children and wife. Please do not neglect fruit and vegetables. All are for healthy living.


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Very insightful post keep up with the good work @Oracle

Is water a Ghanaian food??

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you are right Ohene, water is not food, its water. So I have changed the heading.