SysTools Pen Drive Recovery

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery


SysTools Pen Drive Recovery is a new and powerful tool for recovering deleted data from flash drive and memory card. . In any case, if you have lost your critical information on a portable memory, you can easily scan your flash drive or memory card using this software, and restore the deleted information. . The program, with advanced and professional algorithms, retrieves the latest information on your selected disk so you can re-store them.

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery features:

  • Ability to retrieve images, videos, documents and … from flash memory

  • Compatibility with NTFS / exFAT / FAT format

  • Ability to retrieve and preview information before saving

  • Flash and memory card support

  • Ability to filter recovery results

  • Having two different algorithms for memory scanning

  • No restrictions on the size of the memory

  • Have a nice and user-friendly graphical interface


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